Steve Shearer – A Pocket Of Songs (1998)

May 17, 2009

Artist: Steve Shearer
Home: London
Release: A Pocket Of Songs
Date: 1998

All songs written and performed by Steve C. Shearer.

1. A Pocket Of Songs And A Beat Up Guitar
2. Spaceships And Aliens
3. Destiny
4. Not All That Long Ago
5. Cradle To The Grave
6. A Dream Come True
7. Learning How To Fly
8. The Ballad Of Gord And Irene
9. The Last Invitation
10. The Old Folks Memorial Hall
11. Here’s Mud In Your Eye
12. Recklessly Romantic And Hopelessly In Love
13. I Never Thought I’d Be Caught Dead Falling In Love Again
14. Going Down The Road
15. Until We Meet Again

Listen here : http://chrwradio.com/lma/1999/Steve%20Shearer%20-%20A%20Pocket%20Of%20Songs/shearer.htm



  1. We all love his music. It has so much heart and soul. He writes from his life and the people he has known along the way. I’m terribly sorry to report his death May 12, 2015. You are travelling down the road again, this time to your destiny. You have learned how to fly with your pocket of songs and a beat up guitar. So, Steve, until we meet again I will play your songs over and over again. Love Momma.

  2. I hope more and more people can listen to your wonderful music and enjoy it enough to pass it along. He would want that to happen. I also hope his buddies from the past can reunite and perform a concert in his memory. They said at his funeral that they would, so go for it guys. Let me know when it is going to happen. Love Isobel Shearer, isobel1935@gmail.com

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