Chatham Kiltie Band Forms

October 30, 2009

Chatham Kiltie Band Forms
: 1927 (December 19th)
Style: Brass band

  Every bandsman or individual who wishes to become a bandsman is invited to meet at the armouries tonight. The leader of the Kilties brass band will be there to meet everyone in the band room.
Mr. Worth made the public announcement.
  “There is no greater need in our community today than a band,” said Mr. Worth. “There is something in the study of music, the rehearsals and practice that keep the young men interested. There is also the broadcasting of the result of that study and rehearsals, to thousands of people, through concerts. The stage is all set to go ahead with the organization of the new band but we need a citizens’ committee to raise money.”
  A.E. Herman at the Royal Bank will be accepting donations on behalf of the band.

Above Quote from the CDN 1927, Dec 19th issue.

Note: the armories was built in 1905


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