Sylvia Tyson (2000)

October 28, 2009





Artist: Sylvia Tyson
Release: River Road And Other Stories
Year: 2000
Sylviia is from Chatham-Kent.

Notes: This album, essentially the soundtrack of her autobiographical stage show, is a great compilation of her work, beautifully, and thoughtfully performed.

1. Woman’s World
2. Regine
3. Denim Blue Eyes
4. Spring Of ’45
5. Bill, Won’t You Please Take Me Home
6. I’m Leaving, Elaine
7. Same Old Thing
8. The Night The Chinese Restaurant Burned Down
9. Driftwood
10. Big Spotlight
11. Last Call
12. Poor Old Rose
13. Hazel’s First Ride
14. Donegal Tavern
15. Bitter Pride
16. Gypsy Cadillac
17. River Road
18. You Were On My Mind

* Watch the CD Preview below.

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