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Bomb Squad 2019

January 23, 2019
Band: The Bomb Squad
Home: Windsor/Detroit
Year: 2019
Style: Cover Band
Genre: Dance variety.
Places: Casinos & festivals.

Chatham Connection: Chatham resident Brian McDonnell (Dirty Weapons, United Snakes & Beggar’s Opera) is the bass player.

Mark Chichkan – Vocals & Guitar
Brian McDonnell – Vocals & Bass Guitar
Phil Charrette – Vocals & Drums
Tony Calabrese – Keyboards

Notes: Bombsquad formed 16 years ago, with no member changes since. They perform often at area casinos and festivals on both sides of the border (Windsor/Detroit). Disco, funk, soul, motown , rock & roll, country,  are all in their music mix.mix

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November 27, 2016

Artists: 1HQ
Home: Chatham-Kent
Year: 2016
Genre: Dance/club music, humour

Matt Deneau
Jeff O’rourke

Material posted online 2012-2016.
* Soap
* 10 Inches
* FireCracker
* Where you at ?
* Drinkers Anthem
* Dirty Girls
* Dance Floor
* Feel The Beat
* Back It Up
* Feel The Beat
* Booty Call
* Chocolate White
* Beat Em Up
* Hallucinate
* Cry Babies
* Shlim Baby
* Red Rover

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* youtube link here.


South Paw 2012 Shine On

August 4, 2013

Artist: South Paw
Release: Shine On
Released: 2012 (Nov 23)
Genre: Dance
Home: Chatham
CD download on itunes:  here.

Notes: Released his first CD (S/T) in 2008. This current release is a compilation of recordings from the past few years.

01. Dance Out Loud
02. Smile @ U
03. Write My Way
04. Lean On Me
05. Canadian Way
06. Shine On
07. One of a Kind
08. Whole World Needs Love
09.More Than a Girlfriend
10.Keep Your Eyes On the Sparrow

Watch the video preview here.


The Undecided 1966

April 25, 2010

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Band: The Undecided
Year: 1966
Home: Chatham Ontario
What: High School  Aged Band
Song selections: The Monkeys, Yard Birds etc.

, Paul, Rene and Glenn Cutforth.

Link & info found here.



The Unit INC

January 25, 2010

Band: The Unit INC.
Year: 1968
Genre: Horn Band, R &B Music
Home: Chatham

Raymond Violot
Mark Tremblay – Organist
Brian Edwards – Guitar
Bob Sharron – Bass

George Wilson – Trumpet
Bob Sass – Flugel Horn, Trumpet, sax etc.

Notes: The band performed around 1967-68 and had a four piece horn section.
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Rondeau Pavilion 1964

November 11, 2009




Club: Rondeau Pavilion
Year: 1964
Built in 1952 by Maurice Smyth (Date noted from article online)
(Update 2017: I have been notified by a personal source that it was actually 1958).
Location: Rondeau Park Ontario
What: Hottest dance club around for decades.

Note: People would drive from a hundred mile radius to party at the Pavilion, and there is no way I could do the Chatham Music Archive without mentioning this place and what I have been told about it. Nothing was like it for miles and miles and the kids would do anything to make it every night.

  • The club drew 1,500 on average every Saturday night
  • People came from Sarnia, Windsor, Detroit, London and everywhere in between
  • Ages 12 – 20 were the scene for the infamous dances held
  • The rules were strict but were respected and followed by patrons
  • Bands included The pharaohs, The Fiends, Sally and the Bluesman, The American Breed, MC5(in 1969)
  • Bob Seger and Alice Cooper played there regularly as struggling musicians before becoming famous
  • The Hops (DJ’s spinning what the kids wanted to hear) were the high lights for the kids
  • Popular Dj’s for the years the Pavilion were most packed were Bill Saunders and Paul Dusten
  • Bill Saunders became the DJ in 1964
  • The place is also memorable for its closing song “The Sand and the Sea”
  • Girls waited against the wall for a guy to ask them to dance, that was the era
  • The guys constantly walked clock wise around the hall
  • Mr. Smyth sold Rondeau Pavilion in 1975, attendance was dropping as policies changed to the park
  • The pavilion was the third and last dance hall at Rondeau
  • Rondeau is Ontario’s second oldest provincial park, which was established in 1894, a year after Algonquin Provincial Park.
    Main Source: The Weekender, May 10th 1980 By S. Dudley

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Rachel Schwarz 2009

October 30, 2009

Rachel Schwarz
: Chatham-Kent Ontario
Year: 2009

  Rachel Schwarz is an award winning vocalist, dramatic artist, choral conductor and performer. She has starred in a variety of sold out productions from opera to Broadway cabaret, and maintains an active career as a soloist throughout the community.

  She studied choral conducting at the University of Western Ontario and has been successfully conducting concerts in Chatham-Kent for many years. In addition to her work with the PURE Youth Choir Rachel is currently the music director at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church in Chatham. She is accomplished in choral conducting, singing and solo performing but she is also an accomplished pianist, organist and violinist.

  Rachel has studied singing in Canada, the United States and overseas, and is a highly sought after private voice instructor and coach. She is very excited to share her love of music, her knowledge and wide experience plus her enthusiastic approach to performance with this fantastic group of young musicians.