Dan Dalton (1959)

October 27, 2009
Dan Dalton

Dan Dalton

Artist: Dan Dalton
Year: 1959
Home: Erieau, Ontario Canada.

   Dan records his hit Walkin Walkin. It is topping hit parade charts in Hawaii and the Daltons are hoping for the same success here in North America when it is released here shortly.
  The Dalton family is well known in Erieau, as Mr. Dalton was known for years as Detroit’s Irish Tenor. The whole family are very musical and have entertained there neighbours with playing, singing and dancing.
  Dan is currently in his final year of University in Hawaii.
Research. 1959, Aug.12th, CDN.

  While attending the University of Hawaii, Dan Dalton became a professional musician as a member of a trio called the Dalton Boys, with his brothers Wally and Jack. The trio was booked to open Randy Sparks’ new club, Ledbetter’s, in October of 1963, and when his brothers were drafted and the act broke up, Dalton joined the Back Porch Majority, playing banjo and 12-string guitar. ~ Bruce Eder, All Music Guide

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