The Motives (1983)

October 28, 2009

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 The Motives
Year: 1983 (article)
Style: New Wave
Home: Chatham Ontario

Marty Wright – Guitar
Tim Gilbert – Bass
Marty Spacil – Drums

The band plays covers and original music and is currently the only New Wave band in Chatham. All members are in their early twenties.
Wright moved here from Toronto about five years ago and played in local rock bands before forming this outfit.
The band plays about 45% original music while the rest is covers of new wave British bands. They do play a few beach style songs and some classics.

It is brought to my attention the band was circa 19080-81, but the newspaper clipping was in 1983, unless I documented it wrong.

(Photo from CDN)



  1. It was 1980-81. I played in a band for a short time in toronto with one of these guys in 1982 and he had been in Chatham before that ..

  2. I was a good friend, they played the Core(Coronation Club, Windsor), the Boot (Cedar Lounge, London), Embassy (London) regularly. Robin Cutforth was original bass. Fun,Fun,Fun. Some nights they sucked, other nights best band in world!

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