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Slade Brothers 1966

August 5, 2013


Band: Slade Brothers
Release: Single (7-Inch)
Year: 1966
Chatham-Kent Connection: Ralph Murphy was raised in Wallaceburg before heading out to build a music career.

In 1964, Ralph began playing locally in a duo called the ‘Guardsmen’ in Wallaceburg.
Murphy moved to London, signed a record deal with Pye Records and released two singles with Jack Klaysen as The Guardsmen. The Guardsmen then changed their name to the Slade Brothers and released these two singles. The Slade Brothers opened up for famous headlining acts, such as The Kinks, The Troggs, Martha and the Vandellas, The Byrds, and The Walker Brothers.

This year (1966) He started producing records for CBS, Fontana, Carnaby, Decca, Other hits included Billy Fury’s “Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt” and the Casuals “Touched”.


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The Why Nots 1966

December 7, 2011

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Band: Why Not?
Circa: 1965-1966
Home: Chatham-Kent Ontario
Note: Through popular dissemination they mistakenly became known as “The Why Nots?”

Doug Chevalier

Paul Miller
Allan Jones
Bob Niksic
Rick Chrysler

This popular band performed at a different High School every weekend. The material was mostly Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, Kinks and James Brown covers. This was Rick’s first band.


The Undecided 1966

April 25, 2010

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Band: The Undecided
Year: 1966
Home: Chatham Ontario
What: High School  Aged Band
Song selections: The Monkeys, Yard Birds etc.

, Paul, Rene and Glenn Cutforth.

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The Singing Teentones LP

October 31, 2009

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Group: The Singing Teentones
Release: Self Titled LP
Year: 1966
Formed: 1961
Recorded: Nov. 1965
Home: Chatham Ontario
Style: Religious

Vocal Members:
Eunice Tomen, Linda Kivell, Becky Sass, Gary Kivell, Pat Apthorpe, Ruth, John and Joy Cornelius, Dawna Lucas, Rick Greven, Carol Magee, Judy Abbott, Gayle Pierce, Robert Hillman, and Gordy Routley.
Pianist: Colleen Bishop

 Trainer and Director Ruth Cornelius announced that the new LP can be purchased from any of the 15 members. The Singing Teentones began in 1961 as a teenage church choir at Evangel Tabernacle on Victoria Ave. They have been featured in Churches in Canada and the U.S.A. and appeared regularly in Youth for Christ rallies in Windsor and Chatham.

  The group won two gold medals in the vocal division at the Youth for Christ Canadian convention competition in 1965. They also were involved in national and international competitions that same year.

Tracks: 13
Includes: “How Big Is God,” “Down From His Glory,” “Singing,” and “I Heard God Today.”
Photo & Source from CDN Feb 16th 1966



The Missing Links – It’s Link Up Time (1966)

May 22, 2009

Name: The Missing Links
Release: It’s Link Up Time (LP Record)
Year: 1966
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada.
Formerly known as: Zeke and the Moonshiners, then The Larsen Brothers.

John Larsen – Bass
Fred Larsen – Organ
Eddy Larsen (Ole) – Guitar
Bill McGrath – Drums

Bob Hunt, from England, had played drums at one point.

Notes: Produced by Paul Shaffer, who is best known as the musical director for David Letterman’s late night talk show.
   The record is a mix of originals and covers. The band was on the road allot touring, but did settle down at the end of their run. They were the house band for the Kingsway in Chatham for roughly four years.
    John Larsen’s son Kiley plays drums in the metal band Nerve.

 The Missing Links were together for 11 years and spend a good 4-5 years playing in Toronto without ever having to leave there. They were a hot band and were very well in demand.
  Grant Smith was the drummer for the first couple of years. Grant went on to form the popular Toronto rock-soul outfit “Grant Smith and the Power” that had a hit with a cover of Jackie Edwards’ “Keep On Running” (previously a big hit for The Spencer Davis Group). Grant Smith & The Power opened for The Hollies and Spanky & Our Gang at Toronto’s O’Keefe Centre on March 17, 1968. The following month, the band headed off for another US trip, supporting the likes of Janis Joplin, Traffic and Rare Earth.

1. She Taught Me How To Yodel
2. You Mean All The World To Me
3. Going Out Of My Head
4. Granada
5. It’s Now Or Never
6. Cara Mia
7. Dark Eyes
8. Cab Driver
9. Silence Is Golden
10. Mo Jo
11. Mammy
12. Jezebel