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That Whaling Band Release Jacks Gallery

February 11, 2010

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Band: That Waling Band
Release: Live – Jack’s Gallery
Year: 2008
Genre: Rock
Home: Chatham

Ray Whaling – Guitar, Vocals
Andy Martin – Bass, B. Vox
Daryl Denault – Guitar, B. Vox, Percussion
Joel Laprise – Drums

01. Jeckyll Meets Hyde
02. Quarter Mile Straight
03. Lookin’ For A Girl
04. Black Ryder
05. Rock Me
06. Get back Tomorrow
07. Rainen
08. Wheelz Of Fire
09. Shine

Recorded at Eyre Space Studios by: Bob Hiltz & Ray Whaling
All songs written by Ray Whaling.

That Whaling Band record a new release’ live off the floor’ in the studio.
Visit them online here.



That Whaling Band – Grateful (2005)

May 18, 2009

Artist: That Whaling Band
Release: Grateful
Year: 2005

Ray Whaling – Vocals & Guitar
Andy Martin – Bass
Joel Laprise – Drums

   Whaling is the best 70’s inspired guitar jam band in general. A man with a true passion for his craft and is all about the music. I got to see him perform before I was of age since my Dad joined the band on bass for a while.  They rehearsed at my house. The music is solid & the passion is real, and to top it all off, they are down to earth guys.
   Not to cut the other members short, Ray has been blessed to play with the best in the business locally. Whaling is a great band that is worth a listen.

Ashley Coulter & Sarah Hiltz – Vocals on #4
Bob Hiltz – Bass on #6
Scott Galloway – Keys
Len Temelini – Sax

1. Blue Chile 2. Funky Tune 3. Guitar Song 4. Run For The Road 5. Rusty Rosy 6. Eyre Space 7. Give It Away 8. Saved My Life 9. Tell Her 10. Twilight Nest

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Listen to them here :



Ray Whaling – Party Train CD (1999)

May 5, 2009


Artist : Ray Whaling
Home : Chatham
 Release Title : Party Train   (CD Demo)
Music Style : Southern Rock/ Blues
Date : 1999

Recording Credits
Rick Neufeld,  Steve Eyres Studio

The Scoop:
All songs were originally inspired by playing on the porch, in the kitchen & having fun.
Keeping these things in mind, Ray succeeded in creating a CD demo with a ‘Down to Earth’ feel.
Ray’ Blues/Southern rock sounds were being heard throughout clubs in the area, Often performing his solo acoustic act & every so often doing the full band.

Watch the video below to preview the release.

If video does not appear, watch it here.
Ray Whaling – Vocals, Harmonica, Guitars, Tambourine
various performers on different tracks include … 
Daryl Denault – Guitar
Andy Martin – Bass, backing vocals
Randy Coyle – Drums
Joel Laprise – Drums
Mat Drew – Bongos, Tambourine
Julie Ross – Backing Vocals
Lindsay Ross – Backing Vocals
Lisa Warnock – Backing Vocals
Steve Eyres – Shakers

Track Listing.
1. Bosco  2. Party train  3. Little Girl World  4. Funky Song  5. You With Me  6. Sunshine & Little Rays  7. Jakey



Whaling (1994)

May 5, 2009


Artist : Whaling
Home : Chatham
Release Title : 3 Pieces
Music Style : Classic Guitar Rock (70’s Influenced)
Date : 1994    (no date on inlay, but I believe it was between 1992-94)

Musicians :
Ray Whaling – Lead Vocals, Guitars
Terry Allen – Drums, Backing Vocals
Dan Beaulieu – Bass, Backing Vocals

The Demo :
Recorded @ Rick Neufelds place on 8 track, Wallaceburg Ontario.
Whaling is a veteran of the local music scene & brings his music inspired by the guitar legends of the 70’s. This demo show cases these influences in a perfect way with Ray’s own twist of originality and unbelievable passion for playing.
 During this era (90’s) The whaling went through several line-up changes, the band played originals, did the tribute band to Guitar legends, did an amazing Neil Young, & even did solo 1 man acoustic shows in pubs through out the area.

Additional Musicians : Jeff Mifflin – Slide Guitar, Rick Neufeld – Percussion & harmony , Rick Murphy – Keys
Track Listing.
Side A : Reason Why, Empty Blue Box, Strange Attraction, Little Girl World
Side B : Change Of Times, Cryin Over You, Fools Game, Girl Next Door, Island



That Whaling Band (2009)

May 3, 2009



Band: That Whaling Band
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada
Music: Originals and Covers
Year: 2009

  The band is:
Ray Whaling: Songwriter/Lead-Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals.
Andy Martin: Bass Guitar/Sound, Lights & Effects/Backing Vocals.
Joel Laprise: Tub Smasher.
Daryl Denault: Lead-Rhythm Guitar/Lead & Backing Vocals/Percussion  

Notes: So you want to rock & roll like the guitar legends did of the 70’s? The Whaling Band has been around for years & still owns when it comes to this style. Along with playing covers & acoustic gigs, they have been releasing original CD’s too.

    Introducing, rockin’ on two decades, title holders in both light weight and heavy weight divisions, 20 yrs and 0, all wins, coming by way of knock out, or should we say rock out, with their nature of” brute force and ignorance!!!”, Southern Ontario’s pride, That Whaling Band! We are “The Hardest Working Rock N’ Roll/Blues Band in SW Ontario”……no kidding!!!! Presenting to you a ride, up classic rock drive. With their deep rooted motown and rhythm & blues influence, three part harmony vocals, and if you were thinking metal or country, fogetta ’bout it; it’s just another card in the joker deck.

   They do it all. An unexpected “FLASHBACK” to their forever growing fan base; who remember when bands had to be excellent, and that want to get out and FEEL a good night of music from a tried,tested and true rock band. Are you experienced? Check out their new cd, JACK’S GALLERY(2008), and 2005’s GRATEFUL,recorded live, no fluff no jive. All original songs; Classic Rock/Hard Rock/Blues cast for the 21st Century. Currently playing on your favorite radio stations in Mid and Southwestern Ontario.

   Their Gig schedule is on the road; hitting it hard, dodging the bumps, and riding the humps, at bars, festivals, private parties, and concert settings. We’ve had the humble pleasure of performing in concert with the likes of Great White, Jeff Healy, Colin James, Powder Blues, Jason McCoy & the Road Hammers, Tiny Tim, Chuck Jackson (Downchild Blues Band), Five Man Electrical Band, The Paul James Band, Gordon Lightfoot, and Barbara Payton(Kid Rock/Bob Seger). We’ve also shared the stage at memorable performances with many Tribute acts such as Hells Bells, Black Diamond, Bat Out of Hell, Destroyer (KISS tribute) various Tragically Hip tributes, etc.

   Whaling is very passionate towards performing blues shows, with The Ray Whaling Blues band hosting Blues & Bones at Dove’s Bayside Bistro in Rondeau Bay Ont. two summers running. They also have a full throttle Neil Young/Crosby, Stills, & Nash tribute (“RUST”) in their joker deck. With That Whaling Band you never know what the night of music is going to be, for Jack has hundreds of songs in his court jester’s box to deal out……. When Jack comes out of his box, it’s always time to rock!!

2008 – That Whaling Band – JACK’S GALLERY
2005 – That Whaling Band – Grateful
1999 – Ray Whaling – Party Train
1994 – Whaling – 3 Pieces

Below: Ray Whaling – 3rd AnnualCK Guitar Summit, performing an origianl song.