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Dead Girls Union (2005)

May 4, 2009


Artist DeadGirlsUnion
Home: Chatham
Release: 5 song EP.
Year: 2005

Free CD Download: Here (Right click and save target as)
(winzip file)

Jesse, Shawn, & Chuck have been playing together since 1991 when they formed Foster Child then later The Janet Theory. This was put together by Jesse to release a few songs with no intention of playing live, although they did do a few shows in all, in 2004-2005.
The band agreed to make their demo available for free download, as a gift to friends in 2009.

Jesse-Dylan Verleye  – Vocals/Bass
Shawn Beaulieu – Guitar/B.Vocals/Bass
Dave Richie – Guitar/B. Vocals
Chuck Young – Drums
Bob Hiltz recorded & played some bass & leads & keys on this demo.

Mixed and mastered by Bob Hiltz at Eyrespace Studios in Chatham.
Artwork by William D. Scott
CD packaged and pressed by Ben Srokosz.

Track List:
1. save your breathe
2. daddy’s little girl
3. worst enemy
4. the new crazy
5. better than they are

* Watch/Listen to the album preview on youtube here.


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C.O.I. ( Conflict Of Interest )

May 3, 2009

Artist : C.O.I. ( Conflict Of Interest )
Home : Chatham Ontario
Release Title : Dead Wrong  (Cassette only)
Music Style : Hard-core Punk
Date : Recorded January 6th 1991 at the dungeon jam rooms, Inches ave., Chatham


Musicians :
Joe Beaupre – Vocals
Jesse Verleye – Bass
Bryan Caddotte – Drums
Chris Donais – Guitar
John Hamilton – Guitar

Track Listing.
Side 1 When Darkness Fell, Run For Your Life.
Side 2 Dead Wrong, We Don’t Care, No Time To Waste

The Demo : This was a first band for a new generation of up & coming musicians. Most of the members are 13 or 14 years of age but this was definitely a true New York hard-core style release.
Here’s where they went…
Joe moved to Quebec & became a drummer for local death metal bands.
Jesse Verleye went on to join Foster Child, a young new Thrash band, & later Janet Theory/Dead Girls Union.
Bryan did a few bands before settling into a permanent home as
Square Root Of Margaret.
Chris Moved to London. John moved to Montreal.  2011 update: John has been playing in the punk/metal crossover band bludgeoned for awhile.