The Sound of Static (2005)

May 5, 2009
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The Sound of Static
: 2005

Band :
MAT DREW – Lead Vocals, Percussion
RYAN “Julio” ODETTE – Guitars, Vocals
DAVID MAJOR – Drums, Vocals

   The Sound of Static is a 4 piece band that hails out of Chatham, Windsor and London. S.O.S comes from the remains of local seasoned bands the Janet Theory, Gates of Rage (Pit Bull Grin) and Whatever.

    Mat, Dave, Julio and Mark decided to get together for a few pops and some RnR. Immediately everything seemed to click and their first song Broken (and on top of the world) was written on the spot and the Sound of Static was born.. S.O.S plans on playing near a town near you soon and recording of an EP is planned for release early 2008, as a lot of people are wondering what you’re gonna get when you mix death metal with pop…the sound is neither metal nor pop…but something disturbingly in between!!!

listen here


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