Square Root Of Margaret – Levitation Days (2004)

May 6, 2009



Artist: Square Root Of Margaret
Release: Levitation Days
Home: Chatham
Date: 2004
Formed: Oct.1992
Disbanded: Oct. 2012.

Po Kadot – Vocals, Guitar
Dennis R. – Bass
Todd Clarke – drums
Joshua Brisco – guitar

The Scoop: Levitation Days is a sonic step through the looking glass, into a psychedelic world of sound and imagery. Each of the songs featured in this recording are literal translations of actual dream imagery, set to mystifying classic pop melodies. Thick layers of instrumentation set the tone and create the atmosphere, while the lyrics take the listener on a guided tour down the rabbit hole and back out through the stereo speakers! Guitars and synthesizers dance with bass and drums while space cars cross galaxies, and bubbling tulips converse with soft, colored clouds. Strange and wonderful sights and sounds await you!


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