Julie Ross – A Day In The Life (2004)

May 4, 2009


Artist: Julie Ross
CD Release : A Day In The Life
Style : Acoustic/ Soft Rock
Date : 2004
Home: Chatham Ontario
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 A Day In The Life, 02. Right This Wrong, 03. Over You, 04. If You Want It, 05. Reelin’, 06. Damn You, 07. To Be You, 08. Hold On To, 09. My Room, 10. Water, 11. One More Day

All songs written by Julie Ross, except “A Day In The Life”, written with John Francis Dupuis.

Musicians :
Julie Ross – Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Keys, Djembe
Guitar – Dan Martin, Mario Panayiotis, Daryl Denault, Steve Eyres, Andy Tattersal, Jamie Michaud
Bass – Dave Davidson, Dwane Stevens, Bob Hiltz
Drums – Spence Eyres, Mark Slater
Background Vocals : Bob Hiltz, Carolyn Martin, Linz
Keyboard : Bob Hiltz, Tom Starks
   Produced by Julie Ross & Bob Hiltz. Executive Producer – Steve Eyres. Recorded @ Eyres Space Studio, Chatham Ontario Canada – Frank’s Music Centre.

The CD :
   This is the follow up disc to 1999’s ‘Middle Ground’. Julie continues to hold her own as one of Chatham’s most accessible  & visible performers. Once again Julie brings  many of her local musician friends to  perform on her disc.

Watch the CD Preview below

If video does not appear, watch it here.

listen here : http://www.myspace.com/julesross


One comment

  1. nice job…

    you are dedicated….like no one else
    accept this huge pat on the back
    and a big hug to go with

    keep up the great work
    *: )

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