Toast And Jam (2004)

May 6, 2009

toastandjampic02_2004   toastandjam_cdcover2004   toastandjam03_2003

Toast and Jam
: Chatham Kent Ontario
Date : 2004
Formed: 2003
What : Top 40 Cover Band

Michael Uher
– Vocals, guitar
Mark Slater – Percussion, vocals, guitar

   So, Mark & Mike were talking one day… “Hey Mike, we should do an acoustic show – like, unplugged versions of our THIS END UP tunes, and some other cool tunes from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, maybe throw in some comedy tunes…”

   “A brilliant plan, Mark.  Then we can play some smaller places, do the whole audience participation/sing-along/request thing.  And here’s an idea for our name:   How about TOAST & JAM?  Get it?  We toast…and then we jam!”
All in good fun.

They put out a live cd, recorded at Patrick O. Ryan’s in Windsor

Contact their website to hire them for your event.
Website: http://www.toastandjam.ca/


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