Dropping Poppies (2004)

May 4, 2009
Dwane Stephens

Dwane Stephens


Artist : Dropping Poppies
Home : Windsor
Chatham Connection: Dwane Stephens is from Chatham
Music Style : Heavy hitting with jazz arrangements
Date : Formed in 1997

Musicians :
Mike Edmunds – Vocals,  
Nermin Selmanovic – Guitar
Joel Carrier – Drums,
Dwane Stephens – Bass
Matt Kowalyk – Guitar

The Scoop On Dwane.
    The most spoken about bassist in Chatham has been playing for over 17 years & with countless different bands.  He has played for several genres including southern rock, pop, rock, jazz, fusion, & many tribute bands including Neil Young, Jimmi Hendrix & Pink Floyd.
    He has also appeared on 2 Adam Minor demos (Sarnia) & produced & released his own work under the name Carpedium.

    The band has been playing Toronto allot & working the scene locally, we should hear more about them soon enough.

Dropping Poppies

Dropping Poppies


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