Trip Shot – Skankin’ With Chuck (2002)

May 6, 2009


Artist : Trip Shot
Home : Wallaceburg
 Release Title : Skankin’ With Chuck  (CD Demo)
Music Style : Punk
Date : 2002

Musicians :
Mike Richardson – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Shane Sands – Bass, Vocals
Andrew McCready – Guitar, Vocals, Trombone
AJ McGuire – Drums, Vocals

The Scoop :
First off, this is a great name for a CD & gives you an idea of the tone here. This is a good punk CD full of pure energy. The band has been playing together for a little while & have ventured to Chatham, sharing shows with The Janet Theory & R.W.A.V.

Recording credits
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Steve Eyres @ Eyres Space Studio Chatham. (Franks Music Centre)

Track Listing.
1. Leaving the kids alone, ding ding, at-101, equal time charlie rule, putsy, hokus punkas*,kimmy blow, watching the ink dry, dial 911 for pizza, cns, pre-teen parents, fall to the floor, techno girl, farewell.


One comment

  1. This band rules I miss them all very much so!

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