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Brooklyn Roebuck 2013

November 6, 2013

Artist: Brooklyn Roebuck
Ep Release: Storyteller
Year: 2013
Genre: Country/Pop
Home: Chatham Ontario Canada.

1. Storyteller
2. I Don’t Need You
3. Jacked Up Pickup
4. Hold My Hand

Notes: In September 2012, Brooklyn won the cross-country search “YTV’sThe Next Star Season 5”. Auditions were held across Canada with over 4,000 hopefuls vying to become “The Next Star”. The finale was held live at Canada’s Wonderland north of Toronto, where over 3 million viewers voted and ultimately crowned Brooklyn the winner! As part of the show, she released her first single and video “The Way I See You”.

In December 2012, Brooklyn entered into her first recording agreement with Corus Entertainment/Country Music Television and distribution through Sony Music. In January 2013, she released her first single and video “LEMON & LIME”, an infectious pop track.

In March 2013, she recorded her second single, “ONE OF THESE DAYS”, at Sony/ ATV studios in Toronto with producer Rob Wells.

* Website here.
* Itunes Download/Preview link here.
* Watch video preview of this album @ youtube here.



Ralph Murphy circa 1977

August 6, 2013

Artist: Ralph Murphy
Release: Star Born Every Minute
Year: 1977
Format: Full Album & Vinyl, 7″, 45 RPM, Single
Genre: Pop, Rock

A1 Strong Hand On The Wheel
A2 Medicine Man
A3 Gypsy Love
A4 The Best Night Of My Life
A5 Rockin’ Train
B1 Star Born Every Minute
B2 Standing In Love’s Way
B3 California Stray
B4 Rides Me Like A River
B5 Last Affair

Added Notes:  1977 – Ralph is the producer for the  Larie Marshall Album.

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Foreign Film Star – Dark Romantic Music (2003)

May 4, 2009

Artist : Foreign Film Star
Home : Chatham Ontario
 Release Title : Dark Romantic Music 
Date: 2003
Produced by Bob Hiltz & Jamie Reaume

The Scoop : Although some of the tracks contain a full band presence, The Recording  is mainly the work of Jamie. Jamie has a long history of recording & you can catch him often performing acoustic shows around Ontario, & often at the Elephants nest in town.
    This demo contains different views of familiar songs, including remixes, acoustic versions, & band versions.

Track Listing.
1. Cowboys  2. Past My Skin  3. Pushing The Ocean On Me  4. Moment Of Clarity  5. Eversense  6. Cascades 7. Far From Touch 8. Picture Show 9. Ecersense  10. Almost Touching 11. Blindfold 12. Cowboys 13. In The Circle 14. Crisis 15. Jungle Walk

Nice Janet Theory Shirt Jamie!

Nice Janet Theory Shirt Jamie!




Foreign Film Star – Picture Show (2002)

May 4, 2009


Artist : Foreign Film Star
Home : Chatham  

Release Title : Picture Show
Music Style : Rock
Date : July 2002

Musicians :
Dave Lane – Drums                               Matt Ellis – Bass
Mirek Blazek – Guitars                         Jamie Reaume – Guitars, Vocals

Foreign Film Star
Foreign Film Star

Recording credits
Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Bob Hiltz @ Eyres Space Studio in Chatham

Track Listing. 1. In the circle 2. Cascades 3. Eversense 4. Tonight has passed 5. Almost touching 6.  Your perfect world 7. Love & Conversation 8. Picture Show 9. Crisis 10. Embrace 11. Past my skin