The Ukulele Lady 2002

February 12, 2010

Artist: Eileen O’Toole (The Ukulele Lady)
Release: The Queen Of The Lonesome Island
Year: 2002
Genre: Folk
Home: Chatham
Resides: Ireland

Notes:  The original songs on this cd were written in Canada & Ireland between 1989 and 2001.

Pete Webb – Guitar
Karl Burthom – Bass
Dawn Wilson – Whistle, Fiddle
Eileen O’Toole – Accordion, Ukulele, Vocals

 01 Queen of the Lonesome Island
 02 3 Am
 03 Lily of the West
 04 Mick Maquire
 05 Catch you in the Rye
 06 Whiskey in the Jar
 07 The Old Black Tree
 08 Dreaming with Drunken Courage
 09 Guys
 10 The Returned Immigrant
11 Mr. Valentine’s Dead

Buy the Cd online here
Visit her online here


One comment

  1. Have lost contact with Eileen. Can you forward this to her please.

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