Room Without A View – Morning Wood (2002)

May 5, 2009



Artist :Room Without A View
Home : Tilbury Ontario 
Release Title : Morning Wood
Music Style : Pop-Punk
Date : 2002

Musicians :
Farley – Guitar , Shawn – Guitar, Vocals , Rick – Vocals, Bass , Steve – Drums

The Scoop : The bands follow up EP to ‘The Gold Fish Bowl’. Following in the foot steps of popular music like Blink 182,  R.W.A.V. capitalize on the sound that spawned a zillion bands over night.
  The boys bring it home with this EP & never look back. The band worked hard plugging themselves across the internet to help spread the word.
   They scored $5000 worth of free gear and a date on the Vans Warped Tour from an Ernie Ball contest.
The band is working hard putting together the follow up recording & we should be hearing from them as soon as 2004.

Recording creditsN/A, Although I do believe Eyres Space Studio in Chatham
may have done this recording

Track Listing
1. Brand New Day 2. Garbage Bag 3. Polaroid 4. Another Song 5. LA’s Calling


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