Muttley Bisnett (2002)

July 3, 2009

Band: Muttley Bisnett
Type: Cover band
Year: 2002
Style: Metal / Rock

Andrew Gardner – Vocals
Jay Warwick – Guitar
Adam Dysarz – Drums
Steve McDonald – Bass

 In 2002 Muttley Bisnett was born. A four member cover band that covered material including Tool, Finger Eleven, SOAD and others. In September of 2002 front man Andrew Gardner relocated to Banff Alberta. The band continued on and jammed whenever Andrew was home but eventually split up in late October 2003. In early 2004 the bands guitarist Jay Warwick got talking to ex Janet Theory drummer Chuck Young. They both were interested in jammin a bit just for fun.

  A date was set and ex MB members Adam, Jay and Andrew met with chuck for the first time. Adam (MB Drummer) Picked up the guitar as did Andrew (MB Vocalist). Jay Switched to the bass, and Chuck took to the drums as always. By the end of March FL3P was born.


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