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Ego Seed (2002)

May 4, 2009
Ego Seed

Ego Seed

Artist: Egoseed
Home: Chatham
Release: Egoseed
Genre: Metal
Date: 2002

Steve Kaloyains – Vocals
Mike Kaloyains – Guitar
Jason Anderson – Bass
Casie Barry – Drums

The CD:  Their first CD is heavily influenced by the (current new sound of the) Def Tones mold but dipped in the Metal tradition of Youth. The two brothers (Steve & Mike) joined forces with former Crooked front man Casie, who takes on the drumming, Along with veteran Jay on bass.
With the Move to London shortly following, the brothers formed other bands, The Greys (Mike) & How Dare You (Steve). Jason would move to Nerve. Cassie also played in How Dare You.

Track Listing.
1. Aberdeen
2. Uncle Dad
3. Alone
4. Loveless

* Watch/listen to the preview below.

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