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Bob on Steel Guitar 1979

December 13, 2009

Anne Murray Album

Artist: Anne Murray
Release: New Kind of Feeling
Year: 1979
Genre: Country
Chatham ConnectionBob Lucier plays steel guitar on this album,  and many other Anne Murray albums. Bob is from Chatham-Kent (Grande Pointe).

Tracks: 1. Shadows In The Moonlight   2. You’ve Got What It Takes  3. I Just Fall In Love Again  4. Take This Heart  5. Yucatan Café  6. For No Reason At All  7. Rainin’ In My Heart  8. That’s Why I Love You  9. (He Can’t Help It If) He’s Not You 10. Heaven Is Here

About Anne Murray: Over the years, Anne’s recordings have seldom been off the charts. She has sold close to 50 million albums and has won countless awards. However, Anne Murray is more than just a Canadian icon. Her warm voice and well-loved songs have become woven into the fabric of our lives.

About Bob Lucier: Bobby Lucier has been a leader in steel guitar and is world renowned for his unique style and ability.  Bob was the resident Steel Player for “The Tommy Hunter Show” while it aired on the CBC television network from the mid ’70’s until its demise. He was also the first steel guitarist with the famous Johnny Burke and Eastwind.  Before that, he played in Bill Anderson’s “Po’ Boys band”, “Myers Brothers and the Jubilaires”, and a few others. Bob’s steel guitar playing is on many of Ann Murrays albums recorded through the years.

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Bob Lucier Steel Guitar 2002

December 13, 2009

Name: Bob Lucier
CD Release: Eleven Favorites
Circa: 2002
Genre: Country

Home: Chatham-Kent (Grande Pointe)
Resides: Toronto area

About Bob: Bobby Lucier has been a leader in steel guitar and is world renowned for his unique style and ability. Bob was the resident Steel Player for “The Tommy Hunter Show”  when it aired  on the CBC television network in Canada for many years.

Gordie Tapp From ‘Hee Haw’ Writes Liner Notes For CD   In 1952, when we started Main Street Jamboree, I became deeply engrossed in Country Music.
I heard my first steel guitar in the hands of Bobby Wingrove and Lloyd Banks. It rapidly became my favorite instrument. In 1969 I arrived in Nashville to begin Hee Haw and thought I’d gone to steel guitar heaven. I worked with such famous names as Curly Chalker, Buddy Emmons, Lloyd Green, John Hughey etc… When I talked to them about their instruments and abilities they told me there was a guy up in Canada who had equal ability. 
  I returned to Canada to guest on a well received Country TV show and met the young man they were talking about. If you ask Bobby Lucier for a sixteen bar turnaround he makes it sound like a symphony but not at the expense of your vocal presentation and the audience leaves thinking how great you are because of the intricate steel guitar background he provides.
  He features four string harmony melodies with just a touch of two of his favorites, Jimmy Day and Weldon Myrick, but it’s his own interpretations that makes him unique.
  A master steel guitar technician. A master of Cabinetry (his real income). I’m glad he’s presenting this new C.D.. May I introduce to you Bobby Lucier.
Enjoy!    Gordie Tapp

Pick Me Up (On Your Way Down) C. Walker
2. Fraulein (Lawton Williams)
3. Workin’ Man Blues (Merle Haggard)
4. I Fall To Pieces (H. Cochrane & H. Howard)
5. Fool Such As I (William Trader)
6. Magnum (Bob Lucier, SOCAN)
7. Pass Me By (Hillman Hall)
8. Blues For Felix (C. Byrd)
9. Alright I’ll Sign The Papers (M. Tillis)
10. My Special Angel (Jimmy Duncan)
11. Lonesome 77203 (Justin Tubb)

Engineered & Mixed by: Doug Deveaux
Cover photo: Brian Carnahan
Produced By : Bob Lucier & Mel Aucoin 
All Arrangements By: Bob Lucier



Bob Lucier Album Nerves of Steel

December 12, 2009

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Artist: Bob Lucier
Album: Nerves of Steel
Circa: 1976
Genre: Country
Instrument: Steel guitar
Home: Bob is from Chatham Ontario (Grande Pointe)

Note: Bobby Lucier has been a leader in steel guitar and is world renowned for his unique style and ability.  Bob was the resident Steel Player for “The Tommy Hunter Show” when it aired  on the CBC television network in Canada for many years.

This album contains original works and material by other artists.

4. C’MON SON (Bob Lucier)
7. HAPPY WORLD (Bob Lucier)
10. MY PLEASURE (Bob Lucier)
12. TOO HIGH Stevie Wonder

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* Bob also plays steel guitar this year on:
Jesse Winchester’s album “Let the Rough Side Drag”, 1976

Bill Amesbury – Can You Feel It – Bill signed with Yorkville Records in 1973 and made  several singles in 1973-1974. After one non-charting single, the second – “Virginia (Touch Me Like You Do)” – went to #1 in Canada and did well in many countries. In 1999, it received a SOCAN Classic award for 100,000 radio plays. Bill’s success attracted Neil Bogart, who was starting up the Casablanca label. While KISS were the first signing, Bill Amesbury had the first record on the label, with the US issue of “Virginia.” This led to an album, “Jus’ A Taste Of The Kid” (1974). In 1976, Bill signed with Capitol and made one album, “Can You Feel It,” featuring the contributions of some of the finest session musicians in Canada. Bill had great success in England with his records on the Power Exchange label. His songs were discovered by other artists such as Long John Baldry, Natalie Cole and Mitch Ryder, who covered them on their albums. There were no further records by Bill Amesbury. He underwent sex-reassignment surgery and has been Barbara Amesbury for a quarter-century now. Barbara is a patron of the arts in Toronto, a filmmaker and social activist.

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