Pit Bull Grin (2002)

May 5, 2009


Artist: Pit Bull Grin
Home: Tilbury
Release: Demos
Music Style: Death Metal
Formed: 2001
Years: Circa 2001-2003.

01. Big bad Nothing.
02. I Am Dead
03. Johnny Drop Jaw & His Travillin Freak Show
04. Leetch
05. Let the Sins Begin
06. Scab
07. Stop the Bleeding
08. The Man Who Smacked God

Joel C – Drums , Julio O – Guitar , Darren M – Vocals , Rich D – Guitars , Jamie M – Bass

The Scoop: One of the first pure death metal bands in the area  have released a few songs via the internet . The band can be seen playing the Coach in Windsor as well as underground venues through out Ontario & Quebec. Formed from the ashes of ‘Gates Of Rage’, the band has carried on the tradition & have remained heavy since day one.
Pit Bull Grin was formed in January of 2001, but was put on a short hiatus due to the band not having rehearsal space.

* Listen here or here
* New link to mp3’s as of 2020 here.


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