The Unit INC

January 25, 2010

Band: The Unit INC.
Year: 1968
Genre: Horn Band, R &B Music
Home: Chatham

Raymond Violot
Mark Tremblay – Organist
Brian Edwards – Guitar
Bob Sharron – Bass

George Wilson – Trumpet
Bob Sass – Flugel Horn, Trumpet, sax etc.

Notes: The band performed around 1967-68 and had a four piece horn section.
Anyone with further info or pictures, please visit our contact page or leave a message at the bottom of this page. Thank You.


  1. Shawn;

    I believe that George Wilson – Trumpet and Bob Sass – Flugel Horn, Trumpet, sax etc. were members of this group.

    PS: I’ve tried to email some pictures to you and they all get rejected by your server – any ideas?


  2. Along with Ray Violet Terry Lee(of Terry & checkmates) did vocals , Brock Fricker on drums Terry Booker on Trombone. I cannot remember the other drummers name, there were two drummers at the time.

  3. Mike Houle on guitar and other drummer was Jim Pollak.

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