The Get-Togethers

September 15, 2009
The Get-Togethers

The Get-Togethers

Band: The Get-Togethers
Year: 1968
Home: Ontario
High school aged band

Members (L-R)
Vince Guenette
Harry Crush
Dan Beaulieu
Dan Stenabaugh
Claude Babin

   Based in Kapuskasing Ontario. After grad, Dan left to tour and eventually took up home in Chatham after settling down. He would later join such bands as The Whaling Band, Elvis Tribute, The Night Crew, JUSTUS, Wild Country, and some recording sessions with his son Shawn.



  1. Love your blog. Lots of hard work and research.
    It’s great for the old folks to look back and reminis.

    Just to fill in the names for you
    Claude Babin
    Vince Guenette

  2. I’m Harry’s son. Thanks so much for posting this. This is an amazing photo!

    P.S. We spell our last name “Chrusch”

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