The Color 1968 Band

February 5, 2010

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Band: The Color
Year: 1968
Home: Chatham

The original Color formed in 1967.

Members were:
Dan Bullard – keyboards
Mike Houle – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Ralph Bekaert – drums & vocals
Dan Eyres on Bass.


The “Color ‘69″ Line-up was:
Mike Houle – lead Vocals and Guitar
Jim Pollock – drums 
Bob Penman – lead vocals
Dan Bullard – keyboards
Bob Charron – bass
Charlie Dawson – guitar.

Other members of the Color included:
Ray Violot – Vocals
Mark Tremblay – Organ

  They could be seen live at Tilbury’s teenage night club “Empty Bottle”.  Anyone with further info, please leave a message below.



  1. Shawn:

    The original Color (formed in 1967) included myself (Dan Bullard – no “U”)on keyboards, Mike Houle on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Ralph Bekaert on drums & vocals and Dan Eyres on Bass.

    The “Color ’69” was the only other “Color” I was involved with,it included myself, Mike & Ralph with Bob Penman on lead vocals, Bob Charron on Bass and Charlie Dawson on guitar.

  2. Shawn:

    I have to correct my own entry. Color ’69 included Jim Pollock on drums not Ralph Bekaert.


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