Elyse Weinberg 1968

October 10, 2011

Artist: Elyse Weinberg (born Cori Bishop)
Release: Elyse
Year: 1968
Genre: psych folk rock
Born: Chatham Ontario Canada
Website:  here.
Buy the Album: here.

Track Listing:
Side 1:
1 Band Of Thieves (2:28)
2 Deed I Do (2:53)
3 Iron Works (2:53)
4 Spirit Of The Letter (2:22)
5 Here In My Heart (3:12)
6 Last Ditch Protocol (2:46)

Side 2:
1 Sweet Pounding Rhythm (2:38)
2 Meet Me At The Station (2:30)
3 Simpleminded Harlequin (2:22)
4 Painted Raven (1:20)
5 Mortuary Bound (3:26)
6 If Death Don’t Overtake Me (4:25)

Notes: This record was re-issued in 2001.
“Elyse” actually received much critical acclaim, and while not a commercial hit, the record sold fairly well, even prompting an appearance on Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show”. Two more albums were recorded but never released.  Included on the 2001 re-issue of this album, are two songs from this era, one of which, “Houses”, features Neil Young wielding his distinctively ripping guitar sound.

Elyse got her start performing in Toronto alongside friends like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. She later moved to Los Angeles where she recorded “Elyse”, and has since lived in London, New Mexico, and Ashland, Oregon where she currently lives.  She still writes and plans to record an album of new material in the near future.

Since, Elyse’s story has become something of a rock legend – after the rerelease her album received massive amount of positive feedback in the press, and she was mentioned in Magnet, Time Out NY, Aquarium Drunkard, Creative Loafing (amongst others). Perhaps the most flattering result was two extremely successful indie bands, Vetiver and Dinosaur Jr. decided to cover “Houses” in the aftermath of the re-release.

Notes: Cher recorded the song “Band of Thieves” without giving credit to Elyse. She remembers going to the movies with her friends to see Cher’s movie and to hear Cher’s version of her song “Band of Thieves”. When the credits came on it said all music by Sonny Bono, She was shocked.
* Watch the preview of this album below.


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