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The Very Best of Sylvia Tyson (2001)

May 31, 2009


Artist: Sylvia Tyson
Release: The Very Best of Sylvia Tyson
Date: 2001
Label: Varese Sarabande
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

1. You Were on My Mind 2. I Walk These Rails 3. River Road 4. Pepere’s Mill – (with Lucille Star) 5. Driftwood 6. Gypsy Cadillac 7. Sound of One Heart Breaking, The  8. Denim Blue Eyes 9. Walking on the Moon 10. Night the Chinese Restaurant Burned Down, The
11. Diamond Love 12. Spring of ’45 – (with Quartette) 13. Bitter Pride 14. So Quiet Now 15. Sleep on My Shoulder 16. Blind Fiddler’s Waltz, The 17. Last Call 18. Sentinel Crow – (with Quartette)

Album notes
Personnel includes: Sylvia Tyson (vocals, autoharp, tambourine); Albert Lee (acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin); Andrew Hardin (acoustic & electric guitars, percussion); Rick Whitlaw (acoustic & electric guitars); Danny Greenspan (acoustic guitar, dobro); Nathan Tinkham (acoustic guitar); Fats Kaplan (pedal steel guitar, dobro, fiddle, accordion); Mike Holder (pedal steel guitar); Don Rooke (dobro); Dan Whiteley (mandolin); Oliver Schroer (fiddle); Chris Whiteley (harmonica); Gary Breit (piano, keyboards); John Sheard (piano, synthesizer); Victor Bateman (acoustic & electric basses); Denis Pendrith (bass); Bucky Berger (drums, percussion, tambourine); Randall Coryell (percussion); Colleen Peterson (background vocals).
Producers include: Sylvia Tyson, Tom Russell, Danny Greenspoon.
Compilation producers: Cary E. Marshall, Saul Davis, Sylvia Tyson.
Includes liner notes by Bill DeYoung.
Digitally remastered by Dan Hersch (DigiPrep, Hollywood, California).
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Ian And Sylvia – Ian And Sylvia (1971)

May 31, 2009


Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: Ian & Sylvia (MGM)
Date: 1971
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

   Their weekly CTV series, ‘Nashville North,’ introduced in 1970, became ‘The Ian Tyson Show’ (with Sylvia only an occasional guest) in 1971 and continued until 1975. Ian and Sylvia made their last appearances as a duo in May 1975 at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. They have been reunited on occasion – eg, for a concert filmed 18 Aug 1986 by the CBC at the Kingswood Music Theatre, Maple, Ont, with Lightfoot, Judy Collins, Emmylou Harris, and Murray McLauchlan as guests. Ian and Sylvia were inducted into the Juno Awards Hall of Fame in 1992.



Ian And Sylvia – Full Circle (1969)

May 31, 2009


Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: Full Circle
Date: 1969
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

   Ian and Sylvia originally traveled to Nashville in 1968 with the intention of recording with some of the best session musicians that could be found in one place. Whether acoustic or electrified, Music City has always been notable for the quantity of talented musicians that make Greater Nashville their home. Not surprisingly considering their own rural roots, Ian and Sylvia quickly became caught up in the new sounds coming out of north-central Tennessee. The “Nashville Sound” itself—characterized by a heavy use of “strings” as backup—permeated commercial country music during the 1960s, one of its chief promoters being RCA-producer Chet Atkins. While finishing up their recording commitment to Vanguard with 1968’s country-jazz fusion entitled Nashville, Ian and Sylvia incorporated some of these country influences into a new stage show, put together a country band dubbed the Great Speckled Bird, and began touring in 1969. The two albums they would later record for Capitol—Full Circle and Ian and Sylvia—each showcased the duo’s avant garde country western repertoire.



Ian And Sylvia – Nashville (1968)

May 31, 2009


Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: Nashville
Date: 1968
Genre: Folk
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

1. Mighty Quinn
2. Wheels On Fire
3. Farewell To The North
4. Taking Care Of Business
5. Southern Comfort
6. Ballad Of The Ugly Man
7. Ninety Degrees X Ninety Degrees
8. She’Ll Be Gone
9. London Life
10. Renegade
11. House Of Cards
Watch the album preview below.


Recorded in Nashville in 1968, and released the same year on Vanguard, this album from the Canadian folk duo Ian & Sylvia Tyson includes a cover of the Danko/Dylan classic “This Wheel’s on Fire”. Their version is also available on CD, e.g. on the 2002 compilation IAn & Sylvia: The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Vanguard 4VCD 196).

Sylvia Fricker was born on September 19, 1940, in Chatham, Ontario.  Her mother was a music teacher and the organist and choir leader in their church; her father was employed in the appliance section of a large department shore.  after graduating from high school, she worked for a jeweler in her hometown but, unhappy with the direction her life was taking, began venturing up to Toronto on weekends.  She had always enjoyed music, particularly the folk idiom, so she decided to pursue a career as a professional singer.  After a year of traveling back and forth to Toronto, she quit her job and moved.  She first met Ian while both were performing at a local spot called the Village Corner Club.  They formed their music partnership early in 1959 and, in 1964, their personal lives were joined by marriage.

Despite their production of five more albums in the next few years, Ian & Sylvia were uncertain in which direction to take their music.  After deciding to utilize Nashville’s top-notch musicians by recording in Music City, they realized their commitment to country music — which came as no great surprise, for their musical roots were in country.  Although some “people really got uptight,” explains Tyson, “when we made the transition to country music,” they have never regretted their choice.  Out of the Nashville venture came another album for Vanguard, a subsequent LP on the MGM label, and the formation of a country band called the Great Speckled Bird.

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Ian And Sylvia – So Much For Dreaming (1966)

May 31, 2009


Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: So Much For Dreaming
Date: 1966
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

Line Up:
Ian Tyson
(vocals, guitar, autoharp)
Sylvia (vocals)
David Rae (guitar)
Robert Bushnell (electric bass)
Al Rogers (drums).

01 – circle game
02 – so much for dreaming
03 – wild geese
04 – child apart
05 – summer wages
06 – hold tight
07 – cutty wren
08 – si les bateaux
09 – catfish blues
10 – come all ye fair and tender ladies
11 – january morning
12 – grey morning

Ian Sylvia’s adjustment to folk-rock was sometimes fine, sometimes awkward, and this was another inconsistent, though generally worthwhile, effort. Highlights include “Circle Game,” one of the very first recorded covers of a Joni Mitchell composition. Tyson’s “Wild Geese” and “Child Apart” count as some of their better unheralded tunes, and the occasional muted orchestration worked well on “Circle Game” and the melancholy title track. On the other hand, the attempts at blues were abominable, the traditional ballads anachronistic, and some of the material (especially Fricker’s) undistinguished. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide.

In the mid-1960s Ian and Sylvia began to move away from traditional folk toward an early synthesis of country music and rock. In place of guitar accompaniment (which had been supplied in turn by Monte Dunn, David Rea, and others) they formed a full band, the Great Speckled Bird, in 1968; the debut LP Great Speckled Bird is considered a classic of the country-rock genre. The change in style initially met with mixed if not hostile reaction but brought Ian and Sylvia before a broader audience – in 1970, for example, they appeared at the Atlanta Pop Festival and as part of the Festival Express, a rock festival that crossed Canada by train, stopping in several cities. They also performed at Expo 70 in Japan. (The Canadian Encyclopedia).
* Watch the album preview below.


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Ian And Sylvia – Play One More (1966)

May 31, 2009


Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: Play One More
Date: 1966
Label: Vanguard Records
Genre: Folk/Country
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

“…one of Ian & Sylvia’s best… some great original songs [and] some strong cover versions of equally powerful folk and country tunes…”

Ian Tyson (vocals, guitar); Sylvia Fricker (vocals).
Additional personnel:
Eric Weissberg (guitar, banjo); Rick Turner (guitar); Paul Griffin (organ); Felix Pappalardi (bass).

1. Short Grass
2. French Girl
3. When I Was A Cowboy
4. Changes
5. Gifts Are For Giving
6. Molly And Tenbrooks
7. Hey, What About Me
8. Lonely Girls
9. Satisfied
10. Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa
11. Friends Of Mine
12. Play One More
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Listen or buy it here or here.



Ian And Sylvia – Great Speckled Bird (1970)

May 30, 2009


Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: Great Speckled Bird
Date: 1970
Genre: Country/Folk
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

Ian & Sylvia join a country-rock band! The new name may suggest a more dramatic change than what we actually hear, for the album flows quite naturally from their previous forays into country. Another fine album. (One problem with the CD is that the writing credits don’t distinguish between Ian & Sylvia Tyson, crediting them simply to “Tyson”, so you don’t know for sure who wrote what.)Source

Amos Garrett
: lead guitar
Buddy Cage: steel guitar
N.D. Smart II: drums
Ken Kalmusky: bass
David Briggs: piano
Produced by Todd Rundgren.

1. Love What You’re Doing Child 3:39
2. Calgary 3:03
3. Truckers Cafe 3:22
4. Long Long Time To Get Old 3:07
5. Flies In The Bottle 3:47
6. Bloodshot Beholder 2:58
7. Crazy Arms (Mooney, Seals) 2:54
8. This Dream 3:40
9. Smiling Wine 3:11
10. Rio Grande 3:51
11. Disappearing Woman 2:10
12. We Sail (Fricker) 4:42
13. New Truckers Café (Bonus Track, live) 3:08


If video does nor appear, watch it here.



Ian And Sylvia – Movin’ On (1999)

May 30, 2009

Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: Movin’ On (1967-1968)
Date: 1999 (Mercury) Made In Canada
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

  This CD contains the two albums Ian & Sylvia released on MGM, Lovin’ Sound (1967) and Full Circle (1968). Here they started developing a richer, fuller sound. This is probably my favorite single-CD release of Ian & Sylvia. Notes by Nicholas Jennings.

1. Windy Weather (Tyson) 3:07  2. Hang On To A Dream (Tim Hardin) 2:15  3. I Don’t Believe You (Dylan) 3:11  4. Where Did All The Love Go (Fricker) 2:41  5. Mr Spoons (Tyson) 2:24  6. National Hotel (Tyson) 2:07  7. Sunday (Tyson, Fricker) 2:03   8. Pilgrimage To Paradise (David Rea) 3:24  9. Reason To Believe (Tim Hardin) 2:13   10. Big River (Cash) 2:02   11. Trilogy (Fricker) 2:45   12. Lovin’ Sound (Tyson) 2:34  13. Here’s To You (Hamilton Camp) 2:34  14. I Learned From Leah (Tyson, Fricker)  15. Woman’s World (Fricker)   16. Mr Spoons (Tyson) 2:47   17. Shinbone Alley (Fricker)   18. Please Think (Keith McKie) 4:34   19. Stories He’d Tell (Tyson) 5:52   20. Jickson Johnson (trad) 3:57  21. Tears Of Rage (Dylan, Manuel) 4:52   22. Minstrel (David Rea) 3:55

Lovin’ Sound:
David Rea: lead guitar
Paul Harris: keyboards, orchestrations
Harvey Brooks & Don Payne: bass
Bill LaVorna & Donald MacDonald: drums
Produced by John Court.

Full Circle:
David Rea: guitar
Bill Pursell: piano, organ
Weldon Myrick: steel guitar
Norbert Putnam: bass
Ken Buttrey: drums
Charlie Fox: string choir arrangements
Produced by Elliot Mazer.



Ian And Sylvia – Complete Vanguard (2001)

May 30, 2009

Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: The Complete Vanguard Studio Recordings
Date: 2001
Sylvia is from Chatham

  This four-CD collection contains all seven albums that Ian & Sylvia recorded with Vanguard. Also included are three bonus tracks, “Keep on the Sunny Side,” “Je t’aime Marielle,” and an alternate take of “Rocks and Gravel.” It includes a great 80-page booklet with dozens of beautiful photos, complete credits, images of the original album covers, and an essay by Colin Escott based on interviews with Ian and Sylvia. One drawback is that the original album notes are not included. Also, One might have expected a more attractive cover!

Ian & Sylvia
1 – Rocks and Gravel (Fricker, Tyson) 3:31 2 – Old Blue (Fricker, Tyson) 3:25 3 – C.C. Rider (trad) 2:56 4 – Un Canadien Errant (trad) 2:58 5 – Handsome Molly (trad) 2:09 6 – Mary Anne (trad) 3:16 7 – Pride of Petrovar (trad) 2:46 8 – Makes a Long Time Man Feel Bad 2:43  9 – Rambler Gambler (trad) 3:02  10 – Down by the Willow Garden (trad) 2:59 11 – Got No More Home Than a Dog (Handy) 3:23  12 – When First Unto His Country 2:37 13 – Live A-Humble 2:43
John Herald: second guitar, Bill Lee, Art David: string bass

Four Strong Winds
14 – Jesus Met the Woman at the Well (trad) 2:12 15 – Tomorrow Is a Long Time (Dylan) 3:18  16 – Katy Dear (trad) 3:01  17 – Poor Lazarus (trad) 4:03  18 – Four Strong Winds (Tyson) 3:28  19 – Ella Speed (trad) 2:26  20 – Long Lonesome Road (trad) 2:27 21 – V’la l’Bon Vent (trad) 1:44  22 – Royal Canal (trad) 3:35  23 – Lady of Carlisle (trad) 3:37  24 – Spanish Is a Loving Tongue (trad) 3:27  25 – The Greenwood Side (The Cruel Mother) (trad) 2:30 26 – Everynight When the Sun Goes Down 4:13
John Herald: second guitar
Eric Weissberg, Paul Weidman: bass

Northern Journey
27 – You Were on My Mind (Fricker) 2:47  28 – Moonshine Can (trad) 2:16  29 – The Jealous Lover 2:54  30 – Four Rode By (Tyson) 2:42  31 – Brave Wolfe 5:25  32 – Nova Scotia Farewell (trad) 2:51 33 – Some Day Soon (Tyson) 2:20  34 – Little Beggarman (Makem) 2:23  35 – Texas Rangers (trad) 3:27  36 – The Ghost Lover (trad) 2:45  37 – Captain Woodstock’s Courtship (trad) 2:56 38 – Green Valley (trad) 4:03  39 – Swing Down, Chariot (trad) 2:09
John Herald: second guitar, Eric Weissberg, Russ Savakus: bass, Monte Dunn: mandolin, guitar

Early Morning Rain
40 – Come in Stranger (Cash) 1:57  41 – Early Morning Rain Lightfoot 3:58 42 – Nancy Whiskey (trad) 2:37  43 – Awake Ye Drowsky Sleepers 3:27  44 – Marlborough Street Blues (Tyson) 2:18  45 – Darcy Farrow (Campbell, Gillette) 3:30  46 – Travelling Drummer (Fricker) 2:28  47 – Maude’s Blues (Fricker), (Tyson) 4:01  48 – Red Velvet (Tyson) 2:18  49 – I’ll Bid My Hear Be Still 2:51 50 – For Lovin’ Me (Lightfoot) 2:19  51 – Song for Canada (Gzowski, Tyson) 4:06
Monte Dunn: guitar, Russ Savakus: bass

Play One More
52 – Short Grass (Fricker, Tyson) 2:19  53 – The French Girl (Fricker, Tyson) 2:43  54 – When I Was Cowboy 3:49  55 – Changes (Ochs) 3:32  56 – Gifts Are for Giving (Fricker) 3:16 57 – Molly and Tenbrooks (Albertano, Gillette) 3:30 58 – Hey, What About Me (McKenzie) 3:25  59 – Lonely Girls (Fricker, Tyson) 2:41  60 – Satisfied Mind (Hays, Rhodes) 3:35  61 – Twenty Four Hours from Tulsa (Bacharach, David) 3:06 62 – Friends of Mine (Tyson) 3:39  63 – Play One More (Tyson) 3:02
Rick Turner: guitar, Felix Pappalardi: bass, arrangements, Paul Griffin: organ, Eric Weissberg: banjo, Al Gorgoni: instrumental ensemble

So Much For Dreaming
64 – The Circle Game (Mitchell) 3:01  65 – So Much for Dreaming (Tyson) 3:02 66 – Wild Geese (Tyson) 3:59  67 – Child Apart (Tyson) 3:30  68 – Summer Wages (Tyson) 4:04  69 – Hold Tight (Fricker) 2:39  70 – Cutty Wren (trad) 2:57 71 – Si Les Bateaux (Gill Vignault) 3:42  72 – Catfish Blues (trad) 3:36  73 – Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies (trad) 3:25 74 – January Morning (Tyson) 3:07  75 – Grey Morning (Fricker) 2:47
David Rea: guitar, Robert Bushnell: electric bass, Al Rogers: drums, Trade Martin: orchestrations

76 – The Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo) (Dylan) 2:52 77 – Wheels on Fire (Dylan) 3:47  78 – Farewell to the North (Tyson) 3:45 79 – Taking Care of Business (Tyson) 3:14  80 – Southern Comfort (Fricker) 5:04  81 – Ballad of the Ugly Man (lyrics – Fricker, music – Tyson) 2:34 82 – 90 X 90 (Rea) 2:41  83 – She’ll Be Gone (Fricker) 2:42 84 – London Life (Fricker) 2:44  85 – The Renegade (lyrics – Tyson; music – Fricker) 3:40 86 – House of Cards (Tyson) 4:04  87 – Every Time I Feel the Spirit (trad) 1:48
Produced by Ian Tyson. , Bonus Tracks: 88 – Keep on the Sunny Side (A.P. Carter, Gary Garett) 2:40  89 – Rocks and Gravel [alternate take] (Fricker, Tyson) 3:26 90 – Je T’Aime Marielle 3:32