Dirty Weapons – About Face (1993)

May 3, 2009

Artist : Dirty Weapons
Home : Chatham Ontario
Cassette Release : About Face    
Music Style : Rock
Date : 1993

Musicians :
Pete Howlett  – Vocals
Mario Panayiotis – Guitar
Brian McDonnel – Bass
Drums – Dave Deighton
(Keyboards – Gary Barnett)
Guest Vocals by Julie Deighton

  Recorded @ Baseline Studios (Chatham). The Glam rock movement was alive & Dirty Weapons was a project that worked well keeping the Aberdeen happening.
      They broke up but the members continue to be a big part of the music scene spending time in the coming years in such cover bands as Beggar’s Opera, The United Snakes & more.
     Mario has recorded several original solo stuff show casing his brilliant guitar ability.

Track Listing. Side A : The Cure, Red Light, Street Light, Colour Me!, Forget to Remember
Side B : The 7th Sign, What a Shame, A Fool’s Dream, Jack Knifed, Somersault


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