The Melody Ramblers Celebrate 40 Years Of Music

August 24, 2009

Band: Melody Ramblers
Home Chatham Kent Ontario Canada
Year: 1993
Year Formed: 1953
Style: Country Music

Current Line-Up
Rene Brosseau – Steel Guitar, Vocals
Dan St. Pierre – Lead Guitar
Larry St. Pierre – Drums
‘Gene’ Eugene Beaulieu – Bass, Vocals
Wendy Jenkins – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Mark Buckwheat – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

  Who would have thought when Sherley St. Pierre and his wife Theresa formed a small country music band “The Melody Ramblers” in 1953, they started a country music tradition. Even though country music styles have changed over the years, the name “Melody Ramblers” has remained and still lives on after 40 years.
           Read the full story in the picture above………

Demo Kid note 2009: I heard much about this band growing up and it was nice to know that my uncle was in this band juring their 40th year celebration. Since then, I have been lucky to meet, play and record with members from this band recently. Growing up as a punk and metal kid, I would never be into this band musically, but as I grow up and appreciate music for music, I realize that this was one band that set the standards for the best around. A band with a local legend respected by generations.



  1. How do I get in touch with you and where does your band play regularly?

  2. Hello!
    Pleace, Can I get touch to “Gene” Eugene Beaulieu?
    I tryeing help my frend to find him. He most know something about my very best friend. That is very import to tell him. Pleace, tell him and ask if He want to take contack to me so zoon its posebly….
    I think he´s being very happy if “Gene” write to me and ask: What Is it? 😀

    • You can contact Eugene through facebook directly. I hope that helps.

      • Thank You for information! 😀

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