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Jivaro Fracus – 1992 – Enjoy

November 3, 2016

Band: Jivaro Fracus
Release: Ejoy (Demo Cassette)
Year: 1992
Genre: Rock
Home: London

Chatham Connection: Chris & Ted Hart are from Chatham-Kent, but had moved to London after graduation.

1. Got It On Film
2. Confessions
3. Stranded
4. Her Side

Chris Hart – Vocals
Ted Hart – Bass
Wayne – guitar
Shawn – drums.

“Got It On Film” was recorded at Fanshawe’s MIA studio in November of ’91.
It was produced by Nikki Servos and Matt Wormsbecker and engineered by Brad Nelson
The other songs were recorded live at Call The Office in London on December 9th by Brian Smith.

Download @ CHRWRADIO here.


JIVARO FRACUS – Gonna Die Anyways (1993)

May 4, 2009


Home : London Ontario Canada
CD Release : Gonna Die Anyways
Music Style : Rock
Date : 1993

The Scoop : Chris Hart (Originally from Chatham) moved to london to start this band. Chris started out on the local Chatham Punk scene in a band called L.O.T.D. (Lice Of The Dead). His brothers Terry & Ted were members of M.A.D. around this time.
     By 1999, Chris was the singer for the Matadors, a band that was legendary on the London scene for it’s Rockabilly rthyms.
   Chris Hart went on to record his own record entitled Lonesome Blood

Chris Hart from Chatham

Chris Hart from Chatham

 Track Listing
Above, Broken Bottles, Buried, Come In From The Darkness, Confessions, Criminal Grip 2, Flashlight, Grip, Her Side, Metropolitan Jerusalem, Nothings Wrong, Sketch, Soft Winging, Stole A Smoke, Stranded, Time To Leave