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O’Hara Brothers Band- Small Town Metaphors (2003)

May 5, 2009


Artist : The O’Hara Brothers Band
Home : Chatham Ontario Canada
Release : Small Town Metaphors EP

Music Style : Rock
Date : 2003

Musicians :
Toby O’Hara – Vocals, Bass
Jeff ‘Mifflin – guitars, saxophone, B. vox
Clancy O’Hara – Piano, organ, guitar, B.vox
Rod Beaudry – drums, supporting vocals, percussion

Tracks: Hide In My Mind, Fear Tonight, Trading Stars, Hurry, Remembrance Day

The Scoop : The band does it’s own thing, reminding me of good vibes & chemistry that is relatable to a David Wilcox type experience. Built around strong talent, and a solid foundation, the band has been a staple in our scene for a long time. Seeing them live at Rockin The Bush, 2003, I was amazed at there presentation, vibe, & beautiful natural sound.
  Many people may recognize Jeff from Strings & Things, or have had him engineer their musical projects. He also gets to be at almost every event in the city with his work as a sound man. Rods drumming can be heard on early demos of his former (now disbanded) band Gates Of Rage.

Sample the release by clicking on the video below.

If video does not appear, watch it here.



The Flaming O’Haras CD (1993)

May 4, 2009


Artist : The Flaming O’Haras      Home : Chatham  
 Release Title : Self Titled          Music Style : Classic Rock
Date : 1993

Engineered by Ron Burkelin

Musicians :
B. Craven – Vocals
T. O’hara – Bass & backing Vocals
G. Cowan – drums
T. Martin – Guitar
C. O’Harra – piano & guitars
Contributing artists :
K. Cornelius , T. Martin, The Walrus

The Scoop : This demo blends new influences of the Tragically Hip & Classic Rock in general.
     The band was a big part of the local music scene & probably the only one at the time who was writing this style of music in the area.
    The Park View was the place to catch them live.

Track Listing. 1. Impotence, 2. Water Street, 3. Dead Man’s Hand,  4. Plumb Of Discord, 5. Sight For Sore Eyes, 6. Dune, 7. WestWorld, 8. Fast Dress