The Shoeflies (1992)

July 16, 2009

Shoeflies 2001
Shoeflies 2001

Band: The Shoeflies
Release: The Shoeflies (1992)
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada
Year: 1992.

l to r in above from 2001 picture.
Randy Doucette – bassist
Cory Dawe – guitarist
David DeJonge – vocalist/guitarist
Richard DeJonge – vocalist/keyboard player
Clark Allore – drummer

   The original line-up formed in 1992 in Chatham, Ontario, with high school friends Richard DeJonge and Cory Dawe. With a Casio keyboard, a guitar and two cowboy hats, the two played as a mock-country duo known as Rikky Dee & The Shoeflies.

    In 1992, the group released a self-titled 12-song album of joke songs including “Sneaky Old Bootknife”, “Kiss Me Or Kill Me” and “Prison Life’s A Bore”. During their “Not Quite World Tour,” in early 1993 the duo, now known simply as The Shoeflies (they dropped the Rikky Dee moniker at this time), played shows in Cincinnati, Kentucky, Nashville, Memphis, and various other cities in the United States.

  At the end of 1993, The Shoeflies went into Mud Creek Studios in Chatham, Ontario to record “Fly To You”, a radio single that would be used to promote the band. Vocalist Ivan Arneill sang harmonies on the track, and the song received substantial radio airplay at the University of Windsor campus radio station, where Richard DeJonge attended at the time.




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