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Out of the Void – 2019 – Evil Unleashed

August 16, 2019




Band: Out of the Void
Release:  Evil Unleashed
Year: 2019
Genre: Metal.
Home: Chatham Ontario, Canada.
Formed: 1989
Notes: This is their second full length album.

Chatham Connection: Gord currently lives in Chatham Ontario.


A1  Anthem Of Doom
A2  Merciless Trench
A3  Head Held High
A4  Evil Unleashed
B1  Enter The Grave
B2  Nothing Left To Give
B3  This Night’s Alight
B4  Zombie, Tech Zombie

Joe Babcock (From Strathroy, Ontario) – Lead Guitar, Bass, Drums.
Gord Dillon ( From Port Morien, Nova Scotia) – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar.

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Out of the Void – 2018 – The Earth Screams

December 23, 2018
Band: Out of the Void
Release:  The Earth Screams
Year: 2018
Genre: Metal/Hard Rock
Home: Chatham
Formed: 1989

Notes: Concept for the band has existed in one form of the other since the late 80’s. Home studio has made it possible. 80’s metal lives on forever!
The Earth Screams is the debut studio album by Canadian heavy metal band Out of the Void, released on 18 April 2018 on Screaming Earth Studios in Canada.

The band worked with Jake Nicholson to come up with the art showcased throughout the album. Each song has its own unique artwork inside.

Joe Babcock – Lead Guitar, Bass, Drums
Gord Dillon – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

1 For He Is The Ripper
2 The Earth Screams
3 Run
4 Rebirth
5 Locked Inside
6 Blood On The Battlefield
7 Devil’s Grip
8 My Good Friend Death

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