Vic and the Conchords 1963

March 25, 2010

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Trio: Vic and the Conchords
Year: 1963
Disbanded: Early 1980’s
Home: Chatham

Vic Tetreault – guitar
Bill Taylor – drums
Vincent Belanger – cordovox.

  In 1963. Vic added Mr. Vince Belanger on accordion,(and later Cordovox), and Mr. Bill Taylor (formerly of Ray Francis and the Whippoorwills) on drums, to form an energetic trio known as “Vic and the Conchords”, with Vic’s wife, Betty, on backup vocals and harmony.
  They were kept very busy in the bars, halls, and at weddings in southern Ontario.   The trio remained virtually unchanged for many years until the addition of Mr. Roland Lozon (of the Jubilaires), on guitar and fiddle, in 1974 or 1975 for a couple of years.   There were several changes of drummers, including Mr. George Stoner, Mr. Roland Bechard, Mr Billy Carruthers (of Terry Sumsion’s Stagecoach fame),  Mr. Tony Meriano (owner of “Tony’s One Stoppe”),  and ending with Mr. Leonard Lucier.  
  As both Vic and Vince were in demanding businesses as well, they chose to retire the group in the early 80’s.  However, local jamborees still bring them out to do what they love best.

The photo was taken around 1964. Thanks to Betty for providing the photo and information.


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