Ray Francis and the Whippoorwills – 1963

December 3, 2009

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Band: Ray Francis and the Whippoorwills
Release: Country Jamboree
Format: LP Album
Year: 1963
Formed: 1958
Label: Arc Records
Genre: Country Music

Ray Francis on vocals on side one.
. Crying In The Deep Blue Sea
02. I’ve Got A Right To Know
03. A House With Everything But Love
04. I’ll Kiss The Fast GoodBye
05. The Same Old Me
06. All Over Again

John Tengelis on vocals on side two.
. Toujour Moi
08. I Can’t Run Away From Myself
09. Three Hearts In A Triangle
10. Anymore
11. A Dime Worth Of Dreams
12. Carribean

Band members:
Ray Francis, Bill Taylor, John Tangelis, Ray Dauphin, Max Dauphin

 This is the first of two albums Ray Francis and the Whippoorwills recorded. Ray went on to record four solo records also.

Liner Notes:
  “A recording company in the run of a year auditions many artists in order to find the top talent required for recording. As soon as Arc Records heard Ray Francis and The Whippoorwills they immediately recognized that here was one of the most professional sounding country bands in the land. This long play album is the result”
  The Whippoorwills have been together as a unit for five years and for the past three years have been heard regularly on radio station C.F.C.O. in Chatham, Ontario, the group’s home base. The band has toured with Grand Ole Opry, stars such as Ray Price; Johnny Cash; Brenda Lee and many others, both in Canada and the United States.
  The next goal that Ray Francis and his talented band are aiming for is their own weekly television show, and if talent and showmanship is the key to their goal, they are certain to succeed.

2009 Update by S. Beaulieu
  The band started out making $3 a night in the late 1950’s. They went on to do a weekly radio show for CFCO which ran for five years, beginning in 1960. Francis worked hard and persistently to promote the band to people with connections in the industry. Country star Jim Reeves was quick to help the band when he heard them, stating that they were the best he had heard anywhere in Canada.
  In 1963 they recorded their first LP ‘Country Jamboree’ in Toronto.  In those days, recordings were simply the band circled around a single microphone. There were no overdubs or room for error on a take.  Musicianship mattered.
By researching Ray
   I found and bought this album one day before going to interview Ray. It turns out Ray had a copy of all his albums except this first one. It was posted online from a Holland Street home in Chatham, so I drove over and bought it and then gave it to Ray. I thought that was pretty cool. He gets a copy of his first album, and I get to meet and learn about a local musician who was a real go-getter and made things happen for his music and love of it.

Photography: Des Dollery

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  1. If you ever happen to come across this record again, please keep me in your thoughts. My grandfather was the drummer, and ever since he passed on last year I’ve been trying to find a copy of this record everywhere.

    • I will.

    • My dad was in this band also. He is, thankfully, still alive. I can’t get you an original LP, but I might be able to get you a copy on CD.

      • I have put all Ray Francis Albums on CD
        and have been given the right to sell them By Ray Francis and After his passing from his Son Mike Francis.

      • Which albums have you put on CD that you are selling?

  2. I’d love to have a copy of this record!

    Ray is family… anything having to do with family I’d love to have.

  3. hi folks
    I have a copy of this album I found the other day.
    What would be the fair market value ?
    Photos and condition here at my Pbase site.


    thanks Rainer

  4. re hi folks
    forgot to write i am located in toronto

    thanks Rainer

  5. Glen Wood’s given contact email for CD inquirues is: granddude@cogeco.ca

    original note from Glen “I have put all Ray Francis Albums on CD
    and have been given the right to sell them By Ray Francis and After his passing from his Son Mike Francis.” July 7th 2010

  6. I am named after Max Dauphan the steel guitar player and have always been proud of the fact.Thanks for posting this!

  7. I am named after the steel guitar player Max Dauphan,he was a very good friend of my father. Thanks for posting this!

  8. I just came across this site and wow to see my dad, uncle Max and bandmates is pretty awesome indeed. The album had a misprint in that the guitarist’ name was actually “Reg” Dauphin not “Ray” like is mentioned above, I’m his son Ron and it’s nice to see recogniton for local musicians since i was one once myself let alone seeing my late fathers picture again.

  9. I am so happy to see that this band is gonna be remembered for a very long time. My father Bill Taylor is the drummer and I like many of the other kids we were always at the rehearsals. Great to see that my children and grandchildren can always have something to remember them by. The Whippoorwills will live on forever in our hearts.

  10. We were kids on the Prince Alberta and we were The Red Ramblers. The only country we could listen to was Night Hawk Jambory. I would love a CD.

  11. I am the dughter of Max Dauphin and niece of Reg. I have both record albums, CD’s, as welI as old photos of the band. As children, we would listen to dad every wednesday when the Whippoorwills played on CFCO. On one occasion, at an early age, my sister and I, sang one song with the band. ” How much is that doggie in the window” I was privileged to have them play at my wedding. It is wonderful to see that they are recognized on this web site. I still enjoy the sound of the steel guitar, as it reminds me of my late father. My grandson now has grampas guitar and I hope he can take lessons to carry on the legacy.There is also memorabilia in the Chatham Museum.

    • I listened to Night Hawk Jambory on CFCO when ever I could on my brothers small transistor radio. I took steel lessons at the conservatory of music. Our band was called the Red Ramblers. We were kids on the Prince Albert. Wish I could have met the band members back then. Great memories. Love this site .

  12. Iam the the daughter of Bill Taylor the Drummer may he rest in peace along with his other band members.Upon his death I was fortunate enough to get both records I found through Ebay and I also have those songs on CD which allows my children and grandchildren a opportunity to hear their grand father/great grand father.Dad was so proud of his yrs in the band thats all he talked about growing up.Explains why i love country music to this date however I love old country and could listen to the Whippoorwills over & over without getting bored .

    • The Red Ramblers were born on the Prince Albert around1960. Ken Williston on drums, Gary Williston on rythm guitar, Jerry Barnier on lead guitar, Wayne Bushey on rythm and me Ray Kwiatkowski . I listened to the Wippoorwills on Night Hawk Jamboree after midnight. I was 12. The youngest in the band. Still am old country and nothing else. Always be faithful to the past.

  13. I used to babysit for Bill Taylor when he was playing. They lived on Barth St. then. They were the backup band for Brenda Lee when she was only 13 & came to Chatham.
    Irene Kovacs Keller

    • Bill Taylor was my husbands grandpa

      • who is your husband’s?

  14. Is there a way to get this album on CD? Looking for my mother.

    • I might be able to make you a copy. I have it on CD. Joan (daughter of Max Dauphin) steel guitarist.

    • not that im aware sorry

      • I can get you a copy of you bring me 2 blank cd’s Joan

  15. I found a good zip file, complete with all the mp3’s and art work here:
    It is titled: Whippoorwills-Arc & Canatal Recordings.
    It includes the country jamboree album and another one etc.


  16. I have been looking for this record for years! My husbands grandpa was Bill Taylor. If you have any idea where I can find it please email me

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