The Castaways in 1963

April 29, 2010

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Group: The Castaways
Formed: Circa 1963
Home: Chatham Ontario Canada

The Original Trio:
Al Burniston – Trumpet/vocals
Roy Robinson – Drums
Dick Butler – Organ.

The above Castaways picture is circa 1965.

  In the beginning, they were known as the “Al Burniston Trio“. When Dick left, Cheryl Lancaster joined the band and soon after Fred Carney (trumpet/vocals) joined them. They changed the name to “The Castaways” around 1965.
 Cheryl left in 1968 and Dick re-joined the band and they kept the name. The Castaways continued to play at various halls throughout Kent County.

Thanks again to Cheryl L. for providing the photo & info.


One comment

  1. F.Y.I., Al Burniston passed away on Friday, October 22nd, 2010. Fred Carney and Roy Robinson have also passed away but I don’t know when. I’m the sole survivor of the band.

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