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Town Krier

January 27, 2017

Band: Town Krier
Home: Chatham-Kent Area.
Year: 1984
Circa: 1983-1986
Genre: Rock

Billy Wolsing – Drums
Chris (Hymie) Zelina – Lead vocals & bass.
Herby Classens – Guitar & Vocals

Notes: As of 2017, the band still gets together once or twice a year.

* Catch them live July 29th 2017 at the Aberdeen Reunion in Chatham, Complete info, click here.



Perfect Strangers 1984

October 10, 2016


Artist: Cassandra Vasik
From: Blenheim, Ontario
Band: Perfect Strangers (Not confirmed)
Year: Circa 1984

This was 6 years before Cassandra signed her major label record contract.

Notes on Cassandra:
* 1978 performs in local Country band MCM and Company.
* 1980 – Guest singing star on the Tommy Hunter Show that aired on the CBC.
* Signed to Epic Records, released two albums and 11 singles for the label between 1991 and 1994.
* 1991 won the Juno Award for Best Country Female Vocalist.
* 1992 won the Rising Star award at the Canadian Country Music Association Awards
* 1992 won the Juno Award for Best Country Female Vocalist
* 2000 released a pop album, Different, on Perimeter Records.

* Cassandra Vasik – 1991 – Wildflowers (Epic Records)
* Cassandra Vasik – 1993 – Feels Like Home (Epic Records)
* Cassandra Vasik – 2000 – Different (Perimeter Records)

1991 – “The Black Book”
1991 – “It Comes Back to You”
1992 – “Which Face Should I Put On Tonight”
1992 – “Wildflowers”
1992 – “Those Stars”
1993 – “Sadly Mistaken” (Highest charting song)
1993 – “Fortune Smiled on Me” (with Russell deCarle)
1993 – “Roll Like a Wheel”
1993 – “Almost Like You Cared”
1994 – “Stand Your Ground”
1994 – Guest Single – “Chains” by Tim Thorney.
“Human Highway” (with Jim Witter, Borrowed Tunes; A Tribute to Neil Young)




Jubilaires II circa 1985

December 9, 2009

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Band: The Jubilaires II
Circa: 1985
Genre: Country, pop
Home: Chatham

(L-R back row)
J.P. Marchand – Rhythm guitar, harmonica, vocals
Marc Lozon – Drums
John MacTavish – Keyboards,  vocals
(L-R front row)
Roland Lozon – Lead guitar, Violin, occasionally banjo
Brad James – Rhythm Guitar, vocals
Doug Colletti – Vocals, bass

  Doug is from London and joins the band on bass guitar. He is another great player and has previously played in the local band Maple Shade.

  The band continues to play several clubs, bars, and dances. One of the  high lights include the Mohawk Country Jamboree in 1983, where they share the stage with acts such as Tommy Hunter, Rudy Davis, and Conway Twitty.
  A long lasting tradition for the members is to perform at the Belle River Singing and Fiddle Contest. The Jubilaires II performed this event from 1982 to around 1987. The event draws thousands of people from all around.
  The band goes on to change their name to “Front Page News” around 1987-88.



The Singing Teentones Reunion 1984

November 3, 2009

Group: The Singing Teentones
Year: 1984
What: Reunion
Affiliation: Evangel  Community Church (Sandy Street)
Choir Director: Ruth Kerr (nee Cornelius)
Home: Chatham Ontario
Style: Church Choir Group
Formed: 1961

Ruth Kerr, Dawna Neilson (nee Lucas), Pat Apthorpe, Joy Ott (nee Cornelius), Bob Hillman, Rebbeca Spicer (nee Sass), Judy Edgar (nee Abbott), Routley, The Grevans, Eunice Zielonko (nee Tomen), Gary Kivell, Linda Johnston, Carol Anne Mackness (nee Magee), and John Cornelius.

  The group was a young award winning choir group who travelled on weekends throughout Ontario, Quebec and the U.S.A. in the early sixties.
  Only six of the fifteen members still live in Chatham.

Photo by Anne-Marie Demore
Source: CDN June 19th 1984






Manpower (1984)

August 22, 2009
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Band: Manpower
Year: 1984
Genre: Top 40 covers.
Formed: 1983
Home: Chatham-Kent Ontario

(Top L-R)
Rick Chrysler – Drums
(Rick) Richard Rankin – Guitar, Vocals
(Bottom L-R)
Tom Starks – Keyboards
Mark Wood – Bass, Keyboards, Vocals

Note: Starks and Rankin are formerly from ‘The Force’. Chrysler and Wood joined from their previous band ‘Hat Trick’.
* As of 2017, Manpower is still out playing together. They are the longest running working band to date, from Chatham-Kent.