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Mitch Robinson In The Shadows With Mr. Johnson

May 5, 2021

Artist: Mitch Robinson
Release: In The Shadows With Mr. Johnson
Date: 2021
Home: Chatham
Genre: Rock, R&B.

01 Locked out
02 Time
03 Entice
04 You Know What I Mean
05 Mamas Blues
06 The Shadows
07 Social Climb
08 Thinking of you
09 TV Days
10 Little Girl Blues

Guitars & Vocals – Mitch Robinson
Drums: D. Foulon, S. Eyres, D. Major, G. Church.
Bass – D. Davidson, M. Robinson, T. Willmore.
Saxophone – B. Harrett
Percussion – M. Drew
Keyboards – N. Novosad, M. Calcott.
Female Vocals – L. Weaver
Backing Vocals – ‘The ‘Alley Kids’. M. Drew, D. Major, M. Robinson.

Notes: Mitch currently performs live in a few bands including Physical Graffiti (Rock) & Steve Oriet Band (Country)
Mitch also fronted a Jimi Hendrix tribute show called ‘Electric Voodoo’. The trio was very popular and spent allot of time on the road.

Previous Releases

  • Mitch Robinson – Brother With A Record (2000)
  • Electric Voodoo – Synthetic Sin (1995)

* Facebook link here.
* Steve Oriet Music link here.
* Phyzikal Graffiti link here.
* In 2021, Mitch also performed the guitar solo in a fun local project called the Good Robots, covering ‘Hot Child In The City’, by fellow Canadian Nick Gilder’. Video link here.

Watch the video preview below.