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The Apex 2013

September 15, 2013

Band: The Apex
Genre: Tech Metal
Home: Windsor based
Year: 2013
Formed: 2011

Chatham-Kent Connection: Darren Marchand (Vocals) is from Tilbury & was also a member of Dismata, Pit Bullgrin, Gates of Rage & a few more local metal bands.

Note: On September 14th 2013, The Apex released a new demo online of the track ‘You’re not dead yet?’.

Darren – Vox
Steve – Guitar
Brian – Guitar
Jer – Bass
Tyson – Drums

Bio: A collaboration of friends formed to push the envelope of technical music. These experienced musicians hail from such extreme acts as Closed Casket Funeral and The Coalition Design just to name a couple. Most of the members had moved to different parts of the country to pursue different things, but after a couple years they knew something was missing. After a discussion about forming this project, they all agreed to move back to our common ground of Windsor and create something much more mature that will continue to raise the bar as time goes on.




Gates of Rage Release

March 24, 2010

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Band: Gates of Rage
Release: The Opening
Year: 1995
Home: Tilbury (Chatham-Kent)
Genre: Metal

Darren Marchand – Vocals
Rodney Beaudry – Drums and Backing Vocals,
Rich Dupuis – Guitars
Ryan Odette – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Dave Boulion (R.I.P) – Bass

1 The Opening / All These Dreams
2 Take The Fall
3 Broken Soul
4 Blindman Deadman
5 Blind Misery
6 Unknown Life
7 Sound Of Thunder
8 No Sympathy
9 Out of The Gates




Gates of Rage Move On (2001)

May 4, 2009

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Artist: Gates Of Rage
Home : Tilbury Ontario Canada

Gates ran from 1995-2000. This was the final line-up.
Darren, Rich, Joel, Jamie went on to form Dismata
Darren is also in A DyingFixation
Julio moved on to The Sound Of Static
Phill moved on to Hagy Lane
Rod moved on to The O’hara Brothers Band




Gates Of Rage – Jester (1997)

May 4, 2009

: Gates Of Rage
Home : Tilbury
CD Release : Jester
Music Style : Death Metal
Date : 1997

Musicians :
Darren Marchand – Vocals
Rodney Beaudry – Drums
G V. – Bass
Rich Dupuis – Guitars
Ryan Odette – Guitars (Vocals on “Numb”)

The Scoop : The first Death Metal style band from the area. Inspired by the Banzai Records era of the 80’s, Some members would go on to form Pit Bull Grin a few years later. Pit Bull Grin is where the band would perfect this style. Rod moves on to join The O’hara Brothers, a different style of music all together.

Track Listing :   Disdain, Impossible, Numb, Jester, Bludgeon, Mad

Click on the video below to sample the release.

If video does not appear, watch it here.



Dismata (2008)

May 3, 2009

   Tilbury based band formed from the death metal ashes of Gates of Rage & Pit Bull Grin

Joel Caron – Drums
Rich Dupuis – Guitar
Darren Marchand – Vocals
Jamie Monteros – Bass