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Gates Of Rage – Jester (1997)

May 4, 2009

: Gates Of Rage
Home : Tilbury
CD Release : Jester
Music Style : Death Metal
Date : 1997

Musicians :
Darren Marchand – Vocals
Rodney Beaudry – Drums
G V. – Bass
Rich Dupuis – Guitars
Ryan Odette – Guitars (Vocals on “Numb”)

The Scoop : The first Death Metal style band from the area. Inspired by the Banzai Records era of the 80’s, Some members would go on to form Pit Bull Grin a few years later. Pit Bull Grin is where the band would perfect this style. Rod moves on to join The O’hara Brothers, a different style of music all together.

Track Listing :   Disdain, Impossible, Numb, Jester, Bludgeon, Mad

Click on the video below to sample the release.

If video does not appear, watch it here.