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Bushman 2021 My Old Guitar

May 5, 2021

Artist: Bushman
Release: My Old Guitar
Year: 2021
Genre: Country
Home: Chatham-Kent, Ontario

Notes: Bushman is a staple of the local country music scene. Along with his two brothers and a close friend, he fronted the Koboys in the 90’s.
Often performing solo these days, Bush has been pumping out many songs, most of them in line with witty humour, and posting them to youtube to share with friends.

* Recorded, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered, Produced and Arranged By Dave Fitz. South River, NL


  1. Chugging Of A Choo Choo
  2. Show A Little Mercy
  3. Old Outlaw
  4. The Best Mama
  5. Yeah I Love You Too
  6. My Old Guitar
  7. Knees In The Breeze
  8. Life’s Just A Fairytale My Friends
  9. Who To Blame
  10. Will It Be Upstairs Or Downstairs
  11. Sawyer’s Song

Watch the video preview/sampler below, of the release.