Pitts Family (Circa 1978)

August 22, 2009
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Band: Pitts Family
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada
Circa: 1978

Members: (L-R)
Norman Pitts – Guitar, Vocals
Francine Pitts – Keyboards
Daniel Pitts – Drums
Francois Pitts – Bass



  1. On the keyboard is Francine Pitts, And the other is francois Pitts. They are twins. I know this since they are my aunt uncle grandpa then father at the drums.

  2. The name of the keyboard player is francine pitts and the bass player is francois pitts in wich we all live in gatineau quebec

  3. The one on the drums is my dad Daniel Pitts. Sorry i just saw the misspelling of the name. They are all currently in the outaouais.

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