Chatham Hotel 1934

May 7, 2010

Place: Chatham Hotel
Location: Fifth Street, Chatham Ontario
Opened: January 13, 1934

The Chatham Hotel was built shortly after the Famous William Pitt Hotel.
The Turf Room opens January 7th 1964. The room was host to bands from home and afar for many, many years.

Photo: 1935 (From Union Gas Archives)
Photo can also be found in the Public Library in the following book:
Images of Canada Chatham, by Jim and Lisa Gilbert.



  1. Turf Room.. wow!!

    I used to go there for a beer. That was $1 for a bottle…

    The house band? – played The Nighthawk, in January1969, as i remember….
    Any info on that? Pretty good band!!! 4pc I think.

    The the bass player (Frank) played a white Fender jazz bass and owned King’s street music store..

    Bought an acoustic guitar here.

  2. BITTER BLUE “Classic Rock” band out of Toronto was the first band to play the Turf Room when it was remodeled to become a Rock Music Bar, July 1973. Two of the band members were from Chatham – brothers Tom Hoy (Gibson Les Paul) and John Hoy (Fender Jazz Bass). The crowds were great, the acoustics excellent and everyone had a great time! Fond memories.

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