Suds Celtic Rock Band 2009

March 31, 2010

Band: S.U.D.S.
Release: Bad Craziness
Year: 2009
From: Chatham-Kent
Genre: Rock
Style: Acoustic Punk

01. I Never Use A Glass
02. All Fogged Up
03. Union Man
04. Ode To St. Patty
05. Whiskey Dick
06. Days Of The Week
07. For The Boys
08. Fun Is Dun

D’Arcy Sloan – vocals
Brad Fishleigh – guitar, mandolin, vocals
Danny Wright – guitar, vocals
Darryl Twigg – guitar vocals
Bryce Birkin – bass
Cody Mcgowan – Drums

Notes: The name stands for “shed union district standards”. They play a full set of originals but can also play a set of covers to fill out a long night. Covers include the likes of Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, and more. The band is entering the studio in 2010 with plans to release a demo in the summer of that year. Locally, S.U.D.S. play at the Elephants Nest often, as well as at Encore.

Preview Samples of all the songs in the video below.


* @ Reverbnation here.


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  1. S.U.D.S. – For The Boys 2010

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