March 24, 2010

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Band: Lyra
Circa: 1987-1989
Genre: Rock Cover band
Home: Chatham

Scott Barnes – Vocals
Steve “Skull” Saunders – Guitar
Mark Devries – Guitar
Dave Davidson – Bass
Brad Ondrovcik – Drums

The above pictures were taken at the Aberdeen in Chatham.

  Brad went on to play with Sweet FA, Rockus (later called Blu Bones) and then Legend Killers. As of 2010, he drums for ’63 Monroe
  Steve  moved away and became a touring/gigging musician. Among others, he has played with Thunder Circus, The Flu, Killer Dwarfs, Fear Disorder, Mike Reno, Jimi Jamison, Alan Frew and Revolver. He has played in about 5o different bands over the years as of 2010.
  Scott Barnes plays for the band ‘Teethen Freeks’  Circa 2010.
  Dave went on to play in (among others) Tangled Puppet (mid 90’s), Manpower, and 7th Reign before moving away in the late 2000’s.

Visit Steve’s website here.


  1. Hey, a little correction, it’s Steve “Skull” Saunders, not “the skull”. makes me sound like a wwe wrestler or something. and Scott Barnes was the lead singer. I was the original lead singer, then we got Scott. although scott is from tilbury, i like to give credit where credit is due. i wonder what ever happened to mark? i think dave moved to california.

    • I will update that. Dave did move to Cali. Good to hear from ya. No pictures of Barnes though. Maybe someone can come across that.

      • Hey! Thanks for the info change. I almost forgot, Ron McCall replaced Dave on bass as well, but he wasn’t from Chatham originally, so I guess he doesn’t make the grade? Love yer site, by the way! Nice to be included on here with my Dad’s old band, Homegrown! Thanks!

  2. Mark DeVries moved to Ottawa, Ontario where went back to school for and now works in the IT sector. He was involved with a few local bands there and also did some studio work for three separate projects. To this day he still actively enjoys playing the guitar and has found memories of his days in Lyra.

  3. Sorry. That’s, ‘fond’ memories of his days in Lyra.

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