Silence Gone Solo (2007)

June 7, 2009

Artist: Silence Gone Solo
Genres: Rock Singer Songwriter, Folk
Home: Chatham
Year: 2007

    This is a solo project of Century Samm of the southern Ontario hiphop group stress related. However, the music here is more acoustic folk mixed with hiphop lyrics. Recording was done by Mike Sennema of Chatham Ontario. All songs and lyrics were written and performed by Samm.

   Century Samm hails from Chatham, Ontario Canada and has been involved with the local underground hip hop scene since 1998. It was then that he first started recording and debuted with the Vengeance mixtape, giving the first taste of his brand of raw rhymes and lyrical wit & precision. Other projects through the years included a local crew named Black Jacks, as well as hosting underground freestyle showcases & battles. More recently Samm has become a solid cornerstone to Stress Related, contributing to the groups groundbreaking LP.
Listen to the music here or here. 


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