Ben Srokosz (2006)

June 7, 2009

Artist: Ben Srokosz
Style: Indie / Rock / Alternative
Home: Chatham
Year: 2006

Ben Srokosz – Vocals/ Guitar/Drums/Bass

  In 2009, Ben becomes the new drummer for Square Root Of Margaret.
Ben Srokosz has been releasing solo projects for over 10 years. Another local musician capable of recording his own releases himself, Ben allows his creative side to never spoil.
   Meeting Ben, you understand quickly that he is smart and loves music for all the right reasons. Ben’s style includes the sub-pop sound and heavy influences of the east coast alternative scene.

Official Note: 

Ben Srokosz, Spur of the Moments’ founder, first artist signed, is born from a lifestyle of the do it yourrself ethic.  Often found scoffing in disgust at a pair of expensive $20 blue jeans, or up after midnight working to upkeep this little record label, he is one who looks for good things in unlikely places, and it shows in his music.  His songs are about surprise, confusion and daydreams, and the music itself is both accessible and inaccessible at the same time.  Always changing but never changing.  When asked; “I like my music to come from pure feeling, not calculation.  I just seem to write songs that make me wonder exactly where they came from, and as I figure them out, it brings me so much more joy.

These days Ben has pushed his music to a part time hobby, and has all but ceased in recording new material.  With no certain intentions to ever release another album, he devotes more of his time to recording, video production, and producing local bands.  The idea is to grow Spur of the Moment Records and find new and active artists both local and abroad.

Listen to him here or here.

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  1. Spur of the Moment Media Ben in 2010

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