Drew Thomas – R-8 (1999)

May 4, 2009

Home : Chatham Ontario Canada
Release Title : R-8
Music Style : Reggae / Jam
Date : Fall of 1999


Drew Thomas – Everything
additional musicians
Guitars – Justin Mc Math, Homs
Horns – Mathew Brunke
Rasta – Trinidad Wayne

Recording credits
Recorded & produced by Drew Thomas @ the Shady Tree. (recorded on a Fostex
R-8 at his old studio on King St.)

The Scoop : Drew has put out several recordings & is constantly putting out new material.
   He is possibly the only Chatham artist to be recording original reggae style music.
    This CD demo is very infectious & stimulates the mind to make us all realize other cultures & the importance of free jam music.

Visit him online here.


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