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Us and Omens (2007)

May 5, 2009




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Band: Us and Omens
Release: Us & Omens
Home: Chatham
Circa: 2007

Mike SennemaVocals/Guitar
Phil GuerinGuitar
Bryce BirkinBass
Nick SennemaDrums

You don’t know, post hope, voice, miss Sagittarius, cellardoor, last night, hometown, damned, I try, smile

    It took the fall of 3 separate bands to create what will now be known as “Us And Omens”… Throughout these groups singer/guitarist Mike Sennema found not only good friends but 3 guys who share the same love and respect for music.
Jammin in the early days with Bryce Birkin (bass), playing in Horrorshow with Phil Guerin (guitar) and later on living and playing with Phil Wilson (drums) in Estella Fritz has enabled these 4 musicians to get together and jam for a commmon goal… to make noise, to make records, and to have fun doing so.