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This End Up

January 15, 2010

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Band: This End Up
Home: Chatham-Kent
Style: Cover band
Year: 2009
Formed: Circa 1989

Mike – Vocals, bass
Carl – Guitar
Jeff – Drums

Note: This End Up has been together since 1989, with a few member changes over the years. Jeff (the original drummer) left the band for a few years but is now back with his buddies.
Mike would later form a spin off of this band known as “Toast & Jam”. They are an acoustic duo performing your favourite songs in pubs and beach area’s in Ontario & Nearby sunny american places. Good fun.
You can keep a look out for them at Jersey’s in Chatham.

Update:  ‘This End Up’ put on a reunion show on Sept. 4th 2015 @ at a Blenheim Golf & Country Club. Their very first gig was April 21, 1989, at the very same place.



This End Up (2003)

May 6, 2009


Artist : This End Up
Home : Chatham Ontario
Date : 2003
What : Top 40 Cover Band
The Scoop : There is only a handful of local cover bands out there doing the cover band thing steady. This End Up are regulars at the ‘Blind Dog’, packing the house.
Drummer Mark also doubles as the drummer for Fletcher Munson who put out a 3 song demo sampler this summer 2003..